We Are Solidarity Support

Bicycle Support for the Solidarity We Have
Bicycle Support for the Solidarity We Have

Volunteers with bicycles also support the We Are Solidarity. Bicycle volunteers meet the shopping needs of citizens over the age of 65 who cannot leave the house upon requests to the Bisi-Support call center.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic Tunç SoyerCycling volunteers also support the We Are Solidarity Campaign, which was initiated with the call of the . Volunteers on bicycles take every precaution to do their shopping, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, for citizens who cannot leave their homes upon the request of the Bisi-Destek call center on 0850 595 0 232.

60 bicycle volunteers work on the field under the coordination of Bicycle Transport Development Platform (BUGEP), Bicycle Transport Association (BİSUDER) and BisiKoop - Cyclists Cooperative.

All kinds of precautions are taken

BUGEP member Mustafa Karakuş said that there is an emergency medicine specialist who advises the volunteer team and that the team took measures against the risk of coronavirus transmission and transmission during shopping and while delivering the products they received. Karakuş continued as follows: “The volunteer on the bike speaks two meters behind the door of the house he visits. He uses a mask, gloves and disinfectant. It records the requests of the person on the video and gets approval. He uses small disinfectant bags during the money exchange. After shopping at the market, he closes the products in a locked disinfectant bag and closes them. When she comes back home, she leaves the bag with products in front of the door and waits behind. He also leaves the top of the money in a bag within a certain distance from the citizen. ”

The phone number of 444 40 35 of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Nurse Communication Center (HIM) also serves to shop for the citizens of Izmir aged 65 and over on their behalf.

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