Tunç Soyer ESHOT Explained How Metro and İZBAN Will Work

tunc soyer explained how eshot metro and izban will work
tunc soyer explained how eshot metro and izban will work

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermade a statement regarding the curfew. Soyer said, “Everybody stay at home. There's no need to panic. We will not leave anyone without bread or water. Be calm, be peaceful. We will continue to be with you.” said

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyercommented on the curfew. Soyer, who shared a video on the social networking site Twitter account, said, “Our citizens of Izmir should not worry about the weekend curfew. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is in charge. All the facilities of the municipality are at the disposal of the people of Izmir. People's Bread Factory will operate at full capacity. We will not leave anyone without bread. We will not leave any of our healthcare workers on the road. We will deliver him to his home and hospital.” said.


Soyer made the following statement regarding public transportation: According to the new situation, between 07.00-09.00 on the weekend, ESHOT buses will carry those outside the scope of the curfew, especially for the 48 main line healthcare workers. İZBAN and Metro will also serve with the same purpose, once every half hour between 07.00-09.00. İZDENİZ and Tram services have been canceled.

Line list that will be operated once every half hour between 11-12 April 2020 between 07:00 - 09.00:XNUMX.

Line No Line Name Line No Line Name
5 Narlıdere- Üçkuyular Pier 302 Bus Station- Konak
8 Guzelbahce- F.Altay 311 İnciraltı - F.Altay
10 Üçkuyular Isk.-Konak 314 Evka3- Bornova Metro
17 Uzundere Mass Housing - F.Altay 429 Güzeltepe- Bostanlı Pier
18 Yesilyurt- Konak 443 Egekent- Bostanlı Pier
20 Koop. Houses- Konak 445 Evka 2 - Bostanlı Pier
23 Uzundere - Konak 446 Evka 5 - Bostanlı Pier
27 Camlik- Konak 465 Tinaztepe-mansion
33 Kadifekale-mansion 470 Tınaztepe -Lozan Square
34 Esentepe- Customs 502 Cengizhan - Halkapınar Metro
46 Çobançeşme-Customs 550 Günaltay-mansion
53 MTK Altindag- Halkapinar 555 Bus Station- Halkapınar Metro
72 İşçievleri-host 560 Pınarbaşı - Halkapınar Metro
74 Yenigün Mah.-Şirinyer Akt. Central 585 Evka 4- Bornova Metro
77 Nafizgürman - Halkapınar Metro 2 599 M.Erener- Halkapınar Metro
125 M.Kemal Neighborhood- Halkapınar Metro 2 680 Bozyaka-Lausanne Square
148 Onur District - Halkapınar Metro 2 681 F.Altay-Lausanne Square
168 Evka 4- Halkapınar Metro 691 Gaziemir- Lausanne Square
171 Tinaztepe- Konak 820 Harmandalı-Bostanlı Pier
193 Yurtoğlu-mansion 912 Egekent Akt.-Alsancak Station
233 Esbaş Akt. Center-mansion 921 Bostanlı Pier - Alsancak Train Station
240 Zübeyde Hnm. Mah.- Halkapınar Metro 2 963 Evka 3 Metro- Alsancak Train Station
268 Born- Bornova Metro 969 Balçova- F. Altay
285 Evka 1- Mansion 971 Narbel-F.Altay

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