Warning From Credit Card Fraud From The Ministry Of Commerce

Warning from credit card fraud to the ministry of trade
Warning from credit card fraud to the ministry of trade

The Ministry of Commerce warned citizens against such fraud, stating that the official institution or e-Government logo should not be disregarded for social media accounts claiming to be "refunding credit card fees".

In the statement made by the Ministry, recently, using the logos of e-Government or official institutions, especially on social media accounts, “Banks' credit card dues are started. Click the link above to get your refund. ” It was reported that some of those who shared the form were identified.

In the statement stated that this information was made in order to prevent the consumers from being misinformed and not to be victimized, it was reminded that the institutions that issued cards with the Law on the Protection of Consumers were obliged to offer a credit card to the consumers that they do not charge an annual membership fee and similar name.

In a statement, based on this law prepared by the Republic of Turkey Central Bank and 7, which entered into force in March "to be received from the Financial Consumer Communiqué on Principles and Procedures Relating to Fees" in the relevant articles of, according to the features of the credit card will be charged the amount to be determined annually, but these fees received from card It was stated that it regulates the matters that it can be taken annually after the first use of the consumer as a debt, and that the annual membership fee cannot be charged as long as it is immobile from credit cards that do not act at least 180 days without interruption.

“Caution against fraud”

In addition, the statement that pointed out that the annual membership fee of the credit card is counted among the fees that can be collected from the consumer, the following were recorded:

“As per the regulation in question, card fees can be taken from credit cards, and the social media accounts claiming that credit card fees are returned with the official institution or e-Government logo should be disregarded and our citizens should be careful against such frauds. The card issuer must first be applied in the event that there is no fee in connection with the shopping commitment regarding the card fees requested by the card issuer and similar, in case of violation of the agreement with our consumers, and an application that may contradict the provisions of the legislation in question. In case the dispute with the card issuer cannot be resolved, it can apply to the 'consumer arbitration committees' for disputes under 10 thousand 390 lira, and to' consumer courts' for disputes that exceed this amount. '

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