Eliminate the Victims of DHMI and TCDD Personnel Returning from the Military

the victimization of the dhmi and tcdd personnel returned from the military
the victimization of the dhmi and tcdd personnel returned from the military

📩 11/04/2020 14:07

Transport Officer-Sen, by writing a letter to DHMI and TCDD, demanded the removal of 15 days of quarantine due to quarantine for the personnel who were deemed to be on leave without charge to perform their military service.

Transport Officer-Sen wrote a letter to DHMİ General Directorate and TCDD General Directorate, demanding that the personnel who are deemed administrative leave due to their military service not be able to start their duties due to the quarantine of their military service, and the necessary actions to be taken for this personnel.

The application of Transport Officer-Sen to the institutions is as follows; “As is known, Public Institutions and Organizations take various measures to prevent the spread of Korana (COVID-19) virus.

It is also important to take new measures for those who want to start their duties after performing this duty from the personnel who are deemed to have unpaid leave to perform their military service while working in the Institutions and Organizations affiliated with our Transportation Service branch.

Personnel who have completed their military service and want to start their duties are taken into Quarantine for 15 days. During this period, a serious loss occurs in the salary and the victim becomes a victim due to the inability to start due to reasons that are not in the hands of the person.

Consequently, in order to resume the said personnel to the task, the person who is returned from the Military Service after the petition is deemed as administrative leave as of the date the petition is received, upon completion of the quarantine process, provided that the petition is submitted to the responsible personnel or the chief of the unit electronically (e-mail, etc.). We think it will be eliminated.

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