Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Will Breathe This Way

army republic neighborhood will breathe this way
army republic neighborhood will breathe this way

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which combines the city with solid, modern ways, carries out hot asphalt work in the section of 2 thousand 160 meters between the university and Melet river in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi.

Following the completion of the studies, it is planned to create a bicycle and pedestrian path in the region.


Bülent Şişman, Deputy Secretary General of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the works on the spot, said, “The street number 1358, which lies between the university and the Melet river in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, consists of 2 thousand 160 meters. The asphalt of the first 350-meter section, which started by the Melet River, had previously been poured, and the investment was left unfinished. Our teams are now pouring the asphalt of the 730-meter section starting from the university. This week asphalt casting of this section will be completed. In the 1080-meter section, our teams continue excavation and filling works. On the other hand, our teams working on the interconnection roads connecting 1358 streets to the main road completed the asphalt casting process on street 1430. We aim to complete the asphalt casting of the street numbered 1439 this week as well. ”


Drawing attention to the fact that the road is an important route to reduce the traffic density, Deputy Secretary General Şişman said, “Street no 1358 is a very important route for Sağra Factory and many schools and universities around it. We can say that this is the main way to reach the university. When the asphalt works of this street are completed, what lies between the university and the Melet River; Citizens using universities, factories, schools and student dormitories will be able to reach Karapınar and the surrounding neighborhoods and the city center in a short time without the obligation to enter the traffic density at the Sağra crossroad on the highway. As the phrase goes, our citizens in that location will be completely free from the traffic density on the highway. In addition, after completing the asphalt works on street 1358, we will bring a bicycle and a pedestrian path to the region. "Good luck to our citizens," he said.



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