Reaching 2023 thousand Kilometers Network in 18

reaching a thousand kilometers network in the target year on railways
reaching a thousand kilometers network in the target year on railways

An average of 2003 kilometers of railway lines per year were built on railways between 2019-135. The goal is to complete a further 2023 kilometers of new railway lines by 5 and reach the 509-kilometer network.

Anatolian lands met the railway with the construction of the İzmir-Aydın line on September 33, 23, 1856 years after the first use of the steam locomotive in the world. A total of 2 thousand 1923 kilometers of railway networks were built in the Ottoman lands, which lived a milestone in social, cultural and economic shaping with the Hicaz Railway Project, where Sultan Abdulhamid II placed great emphasis and put into practice. The railway network, which is one of the projects that Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk attaches great importance, expanded with great investments made during the Atatürk period and reached 4 thousand 136 kilometers by 1950. Subsequent process can be made per year on average only 7 kilometers railway in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, these figures per year in the years 900 to 18 for his work started in 2023 in line with targets 2003 kilometers off. As a result of the investments made, 2019 thousand 135 kilometers of railway network was reached.


Major investments in the high-speed train (YHT) met in Turkey, the 8th in the world and in Europe rose to the position of countries that use the 6th YHT technology. The importance of international and regional scale of the planned work in is completed by the rail sector substantially increased, advancing rapidly towards becoming the heart of the railway transport in Turkey, 2023 up to 5 thousand 509 kilometers total length of the completion of more new railway line will reach 18 thousand kilometers.


Turkey, the country's first heavy industry Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (Kardemir) with investments in the area of ​​railway tracks and railway wheel production in one, and was one of the leading countries in the world. Kardemir Chairman of the Board Mustafa Yolbulan stated that they are one of the 16 factories that can produce train wheels in the world and that they are the only producer of both rail and train wheels among the nearby countries. Emphasizing that they set off under the leadership of President Erdoğan and made great investments in the field of railways, Yolbulan said, “We produce train tracks at international standards with our local opportunities. We have the capacity to produce 450 thousand tons of rails and 200 thousand railway wheels per year. The 770 thousand tons of rails we produced were used by TCDD in our fast and conventional lines. "Certificates have been obtained by making tests from all authorized institutions of the world in terms of quality."


stating that Turkey's imports will leave as soon as railway wheels and Kardemir will fill this gap Yolbulan Mustafa, "we will become in the next 2 years would also exported 150 thousand railroad wheels. Thanks to the productions in Kardemir, 100 millions of dollars remained in the country. We are partners of Çankırı Fast Train Scissors Factory. Our contribution in this area continues. We commissioned our facility to produce rails whose mushrooms are hardened. We know that Anatolia's railway network will develop more with the further development. "The more we contribute to this, the more we are proud." (itohab is)

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