SunExpress Starts Cargo Operation

sunexpress starts shipping operation
sunexpress starts shipping operation

Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa's joint company SunExpress, which suspended all domestic and international flights within the scope of the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak, which affects the whole world, will start cargo flights with 18 aircraft in its fleet.

According to the announcement made by SunExpress, the airline announcing that it will start its operations with a new type of cargo transport model by arranging cargo loading inside the passenger cabin, as well as loading cargo under the aircraft under the cargo, as well as above the seat and overhead cabinets, to a maximum of 21 thousand 700 kilos. foresees to be able to carry loads.

Commenting on the comments, SunExpress Assistant General Manager Ahmet Çalışkan stated that only the cargo section of the planes were used for cargo transportation on their scheduled flights, “We will carry out a complete cargo flight for the first time in our history. We made our total 18 aircraft suitable for carrying cargo without removing their seats. We have completed the necessary studies in a short time and we will carry out our cargo flights from Izmir and Antalya at the first stage. In the next stages, we plan to carry out cargo flights from other destinations according to the demand. ” used expressions.

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