Build-Operate-Transfer Projects Continued to Make Money in Curfew

Build, operate, transfer projects continued to make money in the curfew
Build, operate, transfer projects continued to make money in the curfew

In the 30 metropolitan cities, the curfew was declared at the end of the week, and the limited economic activity stopped. Despite all this stagnation, the Third Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, which did not pass almost cars, continued to make money. During the curfew, we will pay at least 17.6 million TL for the Third Bridge, which does not pass cars, and at least 960 thousand TL for the Eurasia Tunnel.

A curfew was declared by the Ministry of the Interior on Saturday and Sunday to prevent further spread of the corona virus. While the form and time of the prohibition was discussed, the process resulted in the resignation of Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not accept his resignation.

many sectors did not work last week because of the curfew in Turkey. This precaution to prevent the virus from spreading has affected the work of the shopkeepers, but there is a sector that their business has never been affected. The Build-Operate-Transfer projects that we paid for, whether we passed or not, continued to make money.


SözcüAccording to the report, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the Third Bridge would pay 1.6 billion TL to the operating company in the second half of the year with a rough calculation. In other words, a payment of 2019 million TL was made per day for the second six months of 8.8.

It is obvious that due to the Corona virus, there will be much more daily payments for the Build-Operate-Transfer projects, because the citizen almost never uses these projects. Traffic density in Istanbul is very low.


For 2019, the citizen paid 177 million TL for the European Tunnel, which is the 'shortest road connecting two continents'. Treasury guarantee paid in 2018 was 155 million TL. It is seen that roughly an average of 2019 thousand TL was paid per day for the Eurasia Tunnel in 480. Since the passage through the tunnel is almost absent at the time of the Corona epidemic, the amount coming out of our pocket will be much more.

Only in Istanbul, almost no one except the bakeries could do business due to the curfew, but the operators of the Eurasia Tunnel and the Third Bridge, which were not used by anyone except for those with official duties, continued to make money. More than 960 thousand TL will be paid to the operator of the tunnel for two days, and at least 3 million TL is expected for the 17.6rd Bridge.

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