Free Mask for Those Using Public Transport in Samsun

Free mask for those who use mass transportation in.
Free mask for those who use mass transportation in.

Safe journey in trams and buses Samsun Metropolitan Municipality distributes 'Free' mask to citizens traveling with trams and buses connected to SAMULAŞ within the scope of 'Coronavirus Measures'

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which has strictly followed the measures and measures it has taken since the first day of the coronavirus outbreak, has now started to distribute 'free masks' for citizens using trams and buses. The application, launched in trams and buses affiliated to SAMULAŞ, pleased the homeland.


The World Health Organization (WHO), the whole world is on the increase in the propagation velocity of the coronavirus 'Pandemic' Following the declaration that measures taken in Turkey is increased with each passing day. Turkey maintains its birlikrt to public health by the appearance of coronaviruses cases and Samsun said they among the municipalities assign the first step to reduce the spread of the virus Mayor Mustafa Demir, "We applied instantly to every decision taken by the Scientific Committee. Thus, we prioritized the health of the people of Samsun, and we continue to do so. Finally, we started distributing free masks to citizens at tram stops and buses. ”


Mask distribution was initiated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in public transportation vehicles, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the announcement of the decisions made by the Scientific Committee in the "Address to the Nation" program. Citizens stated that they had difficulty in obtaining a mask and said, “It is very pleasing that the Metropolitan Municipality signed such a service”.

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