Samsun Sivas Railway Will Open To Freight In This Month

samsun sivas railroad will open up this month
samsun sivas railroad will open up this month

Improvement project, five years ago closed the Republic of Turkey's first railway transportation with the Samsun-Sivas / Thick railway will be opened if there are no new setbacks finally transportation.

Samsun News TvAccording to the news in, trial runs with a freight train will begin on the 15th of this month. If the trial drives give a positive result, regular cargo transportation will start on April 27.

There is no explanation and information yet about when to transport passengers.


The construction of the Samsun-Sivas / Kalın line, the first railway project of the Republic, started in 1924, and the line was completed in seven and a half years, despite the impossibilities of that day. The opening of the improvement project, which started in 2015 with a 230 million-euro none, has been postponed to the present day. When the first rail dismantling started, it was said that the railway would be opened for trial drives in December 2017 and scheduled flights in December 2018.


The delay was costly project in Turkey. Apart from the losses inside, the European Union seized 230 million of 72 million Euros it has committed. This figure corresponds to approximately 525 million TL with today's TL / Euro parity.


Apart from the delay of the Samsun-Sivas / Kalın railway, a much bigger problem arises from the failure to comply with the 9th article of the TCDD “level crossing regulation”. According to this regulation, there is a level crossing in the Samsun İlkadım District Kılıçdede neighborhood to indicate that there will be no level crossing on the lines with a daily vehicle torque exceeding 30.000. It is reported that road traffic is around 70.000 vehicles per day, and frequent interruption of traffic in every train crossing will cause serious urban congestion.

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