Post-Epidemic Normalization Stages Are Scheduled

normalization steps tied to the calendar
normalization steps tied to the calendar

According to the 'normalization calendar' spoken at the cabinet meeting chaired by President Erdoğan; After the feast, "one hundred percent normalization" will not happen, but gradually the bans will be lifted and closed areas will be opened.

Turkey, after a 11 month period then scroll cases of coronavirus first seen on March 1.5 took to the agenda after the normalization virus. It was stated that the most important topic of the cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the normalization calendar.

Accordingly, 'XNUMX percent normalization' will not take place after the feast, but gradually the bans will be lifted and closed areas will be opened.

The normalization process will consist of 4 stages, and the first stage, which is called the 'preparatory period', will begin between 4-26 May 2020.

According to the news of Kıvanç El from MilliyetThe normalization calendar for other areas is as follows:

Sports centers: It is stated that sports centers are expected to remain closed until the end of summer.

Concert, theater: Concert, theater and similar collective events organized by municipalities and local administrations will not be allowed in the summer months.

Hotels: According to the certification system to be implemented for the first time in the world, the hotels are planned to be opened gradually according to the social distance.

Travel ban: It is planned that the travel ban will continue for a while after the feast, but the permissions will be facilitated.

Schools: It is stated that schools will not be opened in the summer.

Mosques: It is considered that the Presidency of Religious Affairs has been working to make the feast prayer by taking precautions, but it is not possible at this stage to allow it. It was learned that Diyanet had made commitments that the gaps could be preserved in mosques and measures could be taken in the gardens.

Normalization stages

Stage 0 (Preparatory period) 4-26 May 2020

Stage 1: May 27-August 31, 2020

Stage 2: 1 September-31 December 2020

Stage 3: January 1, 2021 - Date when the vaccine was developed and administered for Covid 19



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