Coronavirus Control for Public Transport in Sakarya

coronavirus control in mass transportation in sakarya
coronavirus control in mass transportation in sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Police teams tightened their inspections for measures taken in public transportation.

Metropolitan Municipality Police teams continue their controls on measures taken in public transportation within the scope of combating coronavirus. After the circular where the passenger capacity has been reduced to 50 percent by the Ministry of Interior, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has tightened its inspections for the health of the society, warns citizens with sensitivity and adheres to the measures.

Call for sensitivity

In the statement made on the subject, the following statements were used: “All public life vehicles were declared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a circular that the passenger carrying capacity stated in the vehicle license could accept passengers at a rate of 50 percent. It was decided that the way of sitting in the vehicle would prevent passengers from coming into contact with each other. In this context, as the Metropolitan Municipality Police Organization, we tightened our inspections. We inspect our public transportation vehicles in different parts of the city, and we make warnings about compliance with the rules. In this sensitive process we are in, we invite all our citizens to stay at their homes and expect sensitivity in terms of compliance with precautions and rules ”.

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