Road Lines Renewed in Curfews in Denizli

road lines were renewed in the sea-going restrictions
road lines were renewed in the sea-going restrictions

Taking advantage of the curfew, the Metropolitan Municipality of Denizli made a pedestrian crossing and road line renewal work on empty roads and bridge intersections on the heavily used routes of the city.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department carried out a pedestrian crossing and road lines renewal within the scope of efforts to ensure a safe and regular flow of traffic, to minimize accidents that would result in loss of life and property, and to complete the signs completely. Renovation of the pedestrian crossing and road lines at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Station Köprülü Junction, Sümer Köprülü Junction, Deliktaş Bridge Interchange and Triangle Bridge Interchange, which took the opportunity of curfews taken from 17:24.00 on the night of 19 April Friday to 24.00:XNUMX on the night of April XNUMX, Sunday. . In addition, teams working on Gazi Boulevard to renew road lines, stated that efforts will continue to ensure that drivers can travel in a healthier and safer way.

In International Standards…

It has been stated that road lines are made in accordance with international standards in order to maintain their long-term persistence. In this context, the lines; It is stated that it is made with heat resistant, applied by spraying on the surfaces and spheres on it, reflecting the light and reflecting the light, and having a glare feature for night drivers.

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