President Imamoglu Alibeykoy Has Made Date for Eminonu Tram Line

alibeykoy eminonu tram line is aimed to open in december
alibeykoy eminonu tram line is aimed to open in december

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlumade investigations on the Alibeyköy – Eminönü Tram Line, a section of which had to be broken 1,3 kilometers due to the collapse on the ground.

Rail Systems Department Head Pelin Alpkökin shared the information that about 6 piles will be driven along the 25-kilometer line, between 60 and 250 meters, due to the crashes that were not put into service. "Unfortunately, we had to crush and do such a pile operation at 1,3 kilometers," said Imamoglu. The line was manufactured by the former IMM administration in 2016, and then came to a halt due to financial problems. After İmamoğlu and his team took office, the works on the line where the financing problem was solved were restarted.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, Alibeyköy-Eminönü Tram Line Balat construction site section made investigations. Pelin Alpkökin, Head of IMM Rail Systems Department, explained the operations they carried out on the line to Imamoglu over the plan. Alpkökin said, “Actually, it was a finished project. But here we started to manufacture again. Approximately 20 piles of 60 different types of different lengths, between 3 and 250 meters, will be driven. We want to finish the superstructure production with piles by the end of the year. For now, we have a target to open the Cibali – Alibeyköy distance in December 2020”.


As of the structure of the Golden Horn; Alpkökin stated that the filling area consists of very troubled clay at the bottom of the sea and the rock called the Thrace formation and gave the following information for the piling operations:

“In this region, we go down to the rock. In the past, nothing was poured directly above the embankment area, rails were laid. Before the train even passed, there were 53-mile sit-ins. It is not homogeneous, each plaque sits differently in itself. It's already sitting here, even if you don't do anything. The floor is really troubled. There were different methods; but we applied the surest method of descending to the rock. Approximately 8,8 km of the 6 km line will be a piled system. We also follow the 2,8 km section outside the beach. I was here when it was broken. Believe me I am very sorry but something to do. ”


After making an evaluation after Alpkökin's short presentation, İmamoğlu said, “Due to the unfortunately sitting on the ground here, as a result of the researches and reports of expert teachers - there is no tram on it - there was an operation on the filling ground. We are working day and night on this line until the end of the year. We had to break a 1,3 kilometer part here by necessity. We are in an effort to correct such a mistake. This process will continue until the end of August. Preparations at other points continue. Hopefully at the end of December, we are struggling to have this line ready and have a tram running from Cibali to Alibeyköy. But at 1,3 kilometers, we had to do the crushing process and make such a pile process, in the place of the rails we saw last time. All of our friends are working day and night here under the leadership of Ms. Pelin. ” Imamoglu followed piling operations in the region.


In the new period, the construction process was accelerated by resolving financing problems in the Eminönü-Alibeyköy Tram Line, the construction works of which started by the IMM Rail System Department in 2016 and later came to a halt. However, an important technical problem was encountered in the construction of the line. It was determined that 2018 km of the rail system, completed in October 1,3, had vertical seating, collapse and sliding in the ground areas below the current foundation and rail level, which do not sit on a piled system that would hinder the tram operation.


Measurements and examinations were carried out in the field by İBB engineers and expert academics assigned by Sakarya University. As a result of the investigation, it was determined that the critical ground conditions specific to the Golden Horn were not taken into consideration at the design stage of the tramline superstructure, and the ground survey and field examination were not carried out at the project level. It was observed that this irregular and ground motion that has been going on for 1,5 years restricted the problem to be solved with additional measures and that the tram has great risks for operational safety. As a result of the technical evaluations, it was predicted that ground motion would increase over time. For this reason, it was determined that the 1,3 km basic part of the line, which does not sit on the pile system, would be the most suitable solution by breaking it again. In this context, tram superstructure rail removal and reinforced concrete crushing works have started between Balat-Ayvansaray, which was completed in 2018 on the field.

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