Polatlı YHT Station

polatli yht gar
polatli yht gar

Polatlı High Speed ​​Train Station is a High Speed ​​Train Station located in Polatlı district of Ankara. The station is located in the southeast of Polatlı and serves the Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-Konya high-speed railway lines.

Station, the opening of the Ankara-Eskisehir YHT line was opened on February 16, 2011, and two years later the first railway station is only serving the high-speed trains in Turkey. Polatlı YHT does not stop at all scheduled YHT trains in Polatlı, so it is served by two platforms via side platforms with two express lines in the middle.

Address: Eskipolatlı, 06900 Polatlı / Ankara
Opening date: February 16, 2011
Architectural style: Modern architecture
Disabled access: Yes

Polatlı high speed train station is about 4 km outside the city and only TCDD YHT trains stop at this station. The main trains and regional trains depart from the old TCDD train station in the city center. There are always minibuses to the city center and these minibuses connect the high-speed train station and the central train station. Settlements and hotels are in the city center. There are many affordable hotels opposite the Old Polatlı Train Station. Polatlı Intercity Bus Terminal is within walking distance of the city center. As with other counties and Ankara flights able to leave the bus from the bus station to anywhere in Turkey!

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