Peker: 'Production in TÜDEMSAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ should be stopped'

Production should be stopped in Peker Tudemsas Tulomsas and Tuvasas
Production should be stopped in Peker Tudemsas Tulomsas and Tuvasas

Transportation and Railway Employees Union President Abdullah Peker coronavirus and TÜDEMSAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ made a press release on TÜVASAŞ. Peker said the production should be stopped in its statement.

The whole of the statement is as follows: In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which has been on the agenda of the country for the past month, it is in our opinion that it will be beneficial for both our employees and our country to stop production in Tüdemsaş, Tülomsaş and Tüvasaş until the beginning of May.

The spread of the virus in the workplace will adversely affect our country. It is now necessary to isolate and disinfect the mentioned workplaces. No production is above human life, short-term production stops and closure of factories has become common in Europe.

Countries that do not care about the subject we had to pay had to pay big prices. The workplaces that produce semi-finished and finished products have been stopped to a significant extent in every country.

I think that our country, which struggles best with Covid 19, will solve this problem in a short time and return to normal in a short time.

We would like to thank our health minister and all of our healthcare professionals, who have been working hard to fight the Corona virus.

The labor of our police and soldier is admirable. Let the state live the human life, the promise was said for this time period. Covid 19 Corona We are grateful to all of our governors, district governors and politicians who have struggled with the virus with great diligence.

May Allah be our country's helper and helper. ”




    1. the request is correct. Can't the top authorities think about it?