Minister Pekcan Announces Truck and Wagon Crossings with Contactless Trade

minister Pekcan goes in contactless trade and opened wagon passes
minister Pekcan goes in contactless trade and opened wagon passes

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that they successfully continued the "contactless trade" formula launched in foreign trade against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, and that the number of commercial vehicles and wagons passing through customs has increased since March of this application.

Pekcan, said they take preventive measures at border gates under the influence of emerging and epidemic-19 Kovid all over the world before coming to Turkey as the Department of Commerce in coordination with the Health and Interior ministries in China.

Reminding that the Iran and Iraq border gates are closed to passenger entrances and exits, Pekcan said, “We successfully continue our“ contactless trade ”practices, which we have implemented to minimize the impact of the Kovid-19 pandemic, which affects the world, on our trade and to maintain foreign trade as effectively and with high capacity. . " said.

Turkey in this application framework they carry to be to ensure provision of continuing as a controlled foreign trade opened Iraq Habur Border Gate in a contactless manner in the buffer zone "containers, trailers and drivers" change was made expressing Pekcan, operations, performing all kinds of health and well disinfection measures He said that it was taken tightly.

Pekcan, thanking the International Transporters Association and the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters' Unions, all customs personnel and transporters for their contribution to the successful execution of contactless trade, said, “Our driver leaves the vehicle in the buffer zone and the driver comes and takes it from the opposite side. The rotating vehicles are also completely disinfected and entered by Turkish drivers waiting at our site. ” he spoke.

In this context, Pekcan, who has been informing that a total of 55 thousand 208 trucks have entered through the Habur Customs Gate and 50 thousand 386 trucks have exited since March, which started contactless trade, said:

“Before the Kovid-19 pandemic, the average number of lorries per day from our Habur Border Gate in Iraq in February was 1613. The number of passes decreased to 311 in the first week following the closure of the border gate with the effect of the outbreak. The average number of exits per day increased to 9 during the 31-779 March period and to 1 during the 24-1249 April period. In addition, the highest daily number of 18 exits in Habur was reached on April 1576. The number of commercial vehicles departing from this customs gate was 24 on April 1449. With this number, we are very close to the daily figures in the period before the pandemic. ”

Pekcan stated that the number of trucks that have been exiting the Kapıkule Customs Gate since March has a total of 43 thousand 213.

In this process, Turkey's traditional trading partners in trade with the boundaries of the nature of the neighboring railway to the Pekcan stressed that weight should be given, in the opening Kapıköy Railroad Customs Gate Iran, the commodity exchange said it carried out by the wagons without human contact.

Pekcan, wherein the processing of the locomotive with carriages pushed by Turkey, is performed by pulling the locomotive again with Iran, said that in the coming disinfect empty wagon, made the following assessment:

“Before the door was closed, about 261 trucks of Iran were departing daily with arrival. Our Kapıköy Railway Customs Gate has come to the fore as an alternative because we closed our black border gates within the scope of the pandemic measures and there was no buffer zone in our exports to Iran. In this line, transportation was carried out with an average of 289 wagons per month in January-February. Within the scope of contactless trade, while 781 wagons were exiting from Kapıköy, this number doubled as of April 24 and reached 2 wagons. The amount of cargo carried increased from 1633 thousand 27 tons to 384 thousand 41 tons in this period. The increase in our transaction volume by wagon is pleasing. ”

Emphasizing that they are working to use the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line more intensively, Pekcan stated that the value of the total transportation value of 121 wagons and 4 thousand 219 tons in January was 1 thousand 24 tons with 344 wagons on April 10-194.

Pointing out that they make intensive video conferences and phone calls with Azerbaijani and Georgian interlocutors, Pekcan said, “The current process is pushing all countries to work for the continuation of trade in alternative ways. We are trying to coordinate with our business partners in a coordinated manner to continue the supply chains and meet the daily needs continuously and effectively. ” used expressions.

HalkalıExplaining that work is continuing to increase the number of train frequencies on the Kapikule-Europe line, Pekcan said that they aim to increase the number of shipments from Kapıkule Station to 35 thousand 800 to 50 thousand. Minister Pekcan, within the scope of trailer transportation by rail Çerkezköy-Plovdiv informed that they increased the number of train trips to two as of March 26.

Turkey's most important trade partner within striking in that they take all kinds of measures at ports opened sea port in Europe Pekcan, mainly to Italy and France, some of the countries in Tuzla, Fountains, Ambarli, using Mersin and Ro-Ro vessels from Yalova harbor sea route He said that they continue the delivery of truck and trailer in a safe and contactless manner.

Pekcan, from Turkey to European countries in 2019 via Ro-Ro lines that transported 222 thousand 951 vehicles and the transport of 165 thousand of 74 (74 percent) said that the port of Trieste carried out.

Emphasizing that they have strictly implemented the necessary health checks and disinfection in these procedures, Pekcan said that the crew or personnel in transportation are strictly not allowed to contact the land.

Pekcan stated that the first ship on the Constanta Ro-Ro line also carried out a trial trip on April 2, adding that regular voyages were started once a week as of April 15, and efforts were made to go 4 times a week recently.

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