Metrobus Drivers to Work in Protective Coveralls in Istanbul

metrobus sofor in Istanbul will work with protective overalls
metrobus sofor in Istanbul will work with protective overalls

Measures against coronavirus have been increased in public transportation in Istanbul. IMM dressed metrobus drivers in protective overalls against the threat of viruses. Both the drivers and the citizens were satisfied with the application.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) took another effective measure against the coronavirus threat that shook our country and the world. Metrobus drivers, who had to keep in close contact with the citizens for long hours while driving, started to go on a trip by wearing protective overalls.

Announcing the new measure to Istanbulites on social media, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu“Our metrobus drivers will now work in protective overalls. Thermal cameras will also check passengers at our stations. The health of our employees, who serve Istanbulites every day, is important for the protection of both themselves and our passengers,” he wrote.

Drivers and citizens stated that they are satisfied with the application of protective overalls. A metrobus driver stated that, with the decision taken earlier, the front door is kept closed in the vehicle and passengers are very satisfied with the middle and rear doors. It is very important for the protection of both us and the passengers. ”

A citizen who draws attention to the fact that the drivers use buses for a long time said, “We are riding for half an hour at most, those drivers work full time on this vehicle. It is their most natural right to be fully sheltered. It is also very important in terms of not carrying viruses to the families of the drivers. ”

Tulum practice continues today in Istanbul, where a curfew has been declared for 48 hours and the buses are diluted.

Within the scope of the measures, IETT also installed a thermal camera at the metrobus stations where the journey is excessive. Passengers with high fever are directed to the nearest health institutions.

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