Red Light Health Package Application in Mersin

health care package application in red light in Mersin
health care package application in red light in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey in the context of the fight with the coronavirus outbreak of the increase, the effect on the city's two different points along the 5 days with a new application that launched the car with a red light made the health care package distribution to standing citizens.

In order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and the dangers it poses, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has launched another exemplary practice in personal hygiene. The health package where citizens who have to leave the house, despite the virus, can maintain their hygiene during the day was distributed by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality.

The Women's and Family Services Department teams deployed to different parts of the city distributed the health package containing 1 soap, 1 disinfectant, 2 masks and 1 information leaflet to the drivers and pedestrians standing in the red light.

5 thousand health packages reached the citizens in 5 days

Within the scope of the application, which continued for 5 days, the teams distributed at two different points in the early hours of the morning every day. With the application, 5 thousand health packages were delivered to the citizens in 5 days. Citizens who had to leave the house for work and other compulsory reasons despite the virus, thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the distributed health packages.


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