Approximately 300 Railway Workers Quit Job in Mardin

near the railroad worker left work
near the railroad worker left work

CHP Istanbul Deputy Mahmut Tanal, from his social media account, announced that nearly 300 railway workers have started their work due to the aggravation of the workload in Cengiz Holding's construction site in Mardin Mazdağı, despite the corona virus outbreak.

SözcüAccording to the news of Evren Demirdaş from; “Approximately 300 railway workers who undertook the construction of the Diyarbakır - Mardin Mazıdağı Railway Line went to quit because of the heavy working conditions and they could not get a raise.

Workers whose lives were endangered by working in the Corona days demanded a raise in their wages, shortening their extended working hours and easing workloads.


Tanal, who shared the images of the quit action initiated by the railway workers from his social media account, gave the following information about the action.

  • Workers started a strike at Cengiz İnşaat's Mardin Mazıdağı construction site last night. Gendarmerie was sent to the region. Workers complain of raising the pace of work during the corona epidemic process.
  • The workers, who stated that they would not allow their rights to be disadvantaged under the pretext of the Corona virus, demand that their long-awaited hike be reflected in their salaries, shortened working hours, and that their workloads should not be aggravated during corona days.
  • Tense wait is ongoing at the construction site of Cengiz İnşaat, which is doing the construction work for the Diyarbakır - Mardin Mazıdağı Railway Line. Listen to the voice of the working people. We follow the matter. Do not make victims of workers.
  • Take necessary measures against the corona threat. Enough mask distribution should be done. Social distance adjustment should be made in the service, dining hall, ward and working environment. Unfortunately, there is no social distance in the current turmoil.

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