2 million masks are produced daily in Malatya

Daily Mask is Produced in Malatya
Daily Mask is Produced in Malatya

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan thanked the textile executives and employees who worked in the textile industry in Malatya First and Second Organized Industrial Zone and continued their activities in this direction in order to meet the need for the mask and overalls needed in the country with the spread of the epidemic.

President Gürkan, stating that they are going through a difficult process as a country, should stay in our homes in line with the decisions taken by our state as a nation, and we must be in the effort and effort to overcome this process.

Stating that they were able to meet the mask and overalls needs of our nation and state as Malatya in this challenging process, Mayor Gürkan said, “After the video conference meeting we held with our President on April 2, we had meetings with the officials of textile companies operating in Malatya. After these negotiations, we entered into an intensive study to make Malatya a center in the production of masks and overalls.

Malatya is a city that can become a center in textile production. As of now, our textile companies operating in Malatya meet the needs of our country's masks and overalls by producing masks and overalls.

In order to prevent further spread of the epidemic, the importance of the mask in the world and the fact that many countries have a shortage of masks and protective overalls, we are very happy with our efforts and production that we started in Malatya to avoid such a problem in our country. In our factories that produce masks and overalls, social distance and hygiene rules are strictly followed. Productions in our factories are made entirely within hygiene rules. Our citizens must be absolutely certain that the manufactured masks are sterilized by disinfecting them with 160 degrees of heat. The fabric used in the production of overalls is an antibacterial fabric that is waterproof and has the feature of self-destructing microbes. ”

Production continues by increasing

Stating that Malatya textile companies have the capacity to double their production, Mayor Gürkan said, “As of Malatya, our mask productions at Baykanlar, Taha, Fetih, Kübra, Belsa, Sesa, Zevigas, Talu, Arc Moda, Birdamla, Nano and Denim textile factories. continues with great speed. Currently, our operating companies are producing at normal capacity. With the increasing demand, they have the infrastructure to double their production. Our companies belonging to our fellow countrymen in and outside the province producing masks are currently producing over 5 million. Our companies have the capacity to double their production if requested.

In addition, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we aim to increase the production of masks from 2 million to 3 million by meeting the need for fabric and raw materials in mask production.

The difference and awareness of Malatya is here once again. It showed that the mask production logistics base in Turkey. Malatya always showed that he was with his state and nation in difficult times. We are proud of the entrepreneurs from Malatya. By acting with the awareness of their responsibilities, the people of Malatya show a superior effort and effort by putting their hands under the stone for the health of our country and the world. As a Malatya, it made us proud and honored of these works carried out as Malatya City's Emira. I am proud of our entrepreneurs from Malatya and our fellow countrymen. ”

Thanks to Chairman Gürkan for the Company Officials

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said, “I would like to thank Textile Company Managers and all the staff for responding to an important need in the field of health by producing masks and overalls by putting their hands under the stone in this challenging process, without sacrificing any sacrifices for our country's interests.”

The visit program carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan was accompanied by Cemal Noğay, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, and Vahap Erdem, the Regional Director of the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone.



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