North Marmara Highway Construction Site Will Be Grave for Workers

north marmara highway plant will be a grave for workers
north marmara highway plant will be a grave for workers

Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Deputy, Sakarya Deputy Engin Özkoç brought the situation of hundreds of workers working in unsanitary conditions on the North Marmara Motorway construction site to the Assembly's agenda.

Özkoç, in his press conference and speeches at the General Assembly, stated that Kolin Construction's Sakarya highway construction site has double shifts in unhealthy conditions every day of the week, including days with curfews. no supervision, no well-being. Workers are employed in very heavy conditions, in a row. The construction site must be stopped as soon as possible. ”

Özkoç, who published the response, “Is road construction a liability in the days of Pandemic?”, Continued as follows: “I understand if you say hospital. You take action, determine shifts, create social distance, and perform construction. But what is road construction during the epidemic, what is Galataport construction. A worker named Hasan Oğuz, who worked at the Galataport site yesterday, lost his life under the Coronavirus. Isn't it a pity for our children?

If the North Marmara Highway construction site in Sakarya is not stopped, bitter news may come. There is no need to be a great scholar; More than a thousand workers are working together, eating together, being transported in services. You say you have an epidemic, you close shops on Çark Caddesi, and when you come to power-mate Kolin, you do not touch the giant construction site. There will be no such crisis management! Isn't it our children who work at the construction site and have to work? Do not their families, children and elders get into danger?

The construction site should be stopped immediately, without delay. The state should assume the salaries of the workers and make it possible for them to stay at home on the days of invasion. 136 billion lira accumulated in the Unemployment Fund is enough to sustain a period like this. Of course, if that money was not transferred to anyone, if it was not used for its intended purpose, it remained in place! ”


In his speech at the General Assembly, Özkoç said that the President of the Presidency, Fahrettin Altun, rented a land attached to the General Directorate of Foundations in Boğaziçi Kuzguncuk and that he had illegally built roads, fireplaces, gazebos, landscapes on this land.

"In the days of invasion, when our people are in trouble, the gentleman is in trouble of intimacy," said Özkoç, saying: "Of course, life in the Palace is like that. Just as Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues his construction in his coronavirus days, in his palace in Ahlat, in his summer palace in Okluk, the little children of the Palace also see what he sees from his elders.

Who works and has to work in these constructions? Yesterday, worker Hasan Oğuz lost his life from the Coronavirus in Galataport Construction. I wish him mercy from Allah and condolences to his family. The construction site of the Northern Marmara Road in Sakarya was operated even on Saturday Sunday, when there was a curfew. Construction of Ahlat Palace continues, panzers are inserted into Salda Lake. Are these compulsory constructions! If the road opens a month late, if you sit a month late in Ahlat, what happens! Which is a must; It is to turn the economic wheels, as the AKP leader said. In the Unemployment Fund, in the Treasury, because there is no money on the sidelines. They emptied everything. Spinning wheels spin the lives of our workers. Construction sites that are not compulsory must be stopped immediately, measures must be implemented and inspections must be carried out in constructions that need to be sustained. ”



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