19 Thousand TL Scholarship for Interns to Work in Kovid-6 Related R&D Projects

bin tl scholarship to interns who will work in kovid related R&D projects
bin tl scholarship to interns who will work in kovid related R&D projects

The Ministry of Industry and Technology is looking for researchers in the fight against the new type of coronavirus Covid-19, which shook the world. TÜBİTAK launched the Trainee Researcher (STAR) Scholarship Program. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the call for the Program from his social media account. Minister Varank, emphasizing the importance of R&D studies in the fight against Covid-19, “We will give scholarships to researchers who will take part in publicly supported R&D projects focusing on coronavirus, primarily vaccine and drug development. We will support undergraduate, graduate, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who will shoulder us in this struggle. ” said.


Varank Ministers last week, "Turkey Covidien-19 Platform" joined the Vaccine and Drug Development Conference held under the coordination of the virtual environment. Varank, who came together with academics working on vaccine and pharmaceutical projects with video conferencing method, stated that the internship program will be launched in the research processes for Covid-19 upon the intense demand from students.


The relevant organizations of the ministry after the meeting, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Trainee Researcher (STAR) launched the Scholarship Program. The program's call was announced by Minister Varank. Stating that the fight against Covid-19 is multidimensional and one of the most important issues is the R&D studies conducted, Varank said, “While the coronavirus threat was still at the borders of China, we wanted to bring talents to a single purpose by coming together with our scientists working on vaccine and medicine. In this context, we started 15 projects in the fields of vaccine and drug development under the coordination of TÜBİTAK MAM Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute. The details of these projects were shared with the public and the academy world at the conference we held in the virtual environment last week. ”


Stating that almost 130 thousand people were following the conference, Minister Varank said that they received thousands of comments. Minister Varank said: “We encountered very constructive comments and questions from the beginning to the end of the conference. One of the issues that pleased us the most was the intense interest of our youth. We have found an excited and curious young audience that wants to be a part of this business. We couldn't leave their demands to contribute to us. We immediately gave the good news that we will start the internship program live. Our TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal and his team prepared the details of the internship program in a very short time. With this program, we aim to support undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students with thesis and post-doctoral researchers who want to take part in research projects for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. ” said.


Noting that the most important condition for admission to the 12-month internship program is to receive an acceptance letter from the executive of publicly supported R&D projects that are currently ongoing or will start in the upcoming period in the fight against COVID-19, “750 undergraduate students, 3 thousand graduate students, 4 thousand 500 doctorate students. We will also provide monthly scholarships up to 6 thousand TL to post-doctoral researchers. We are looking for fellow travelers to support us in scientific studies. We are waiting for the applications of researchers who want to take part in the vital projects of our scientists this term. Thus, qualified human resources are available for R&D projects initiated against the coronavirus threat. kazanwe can go,” he said.


Covidien-19 against the opportunities offered by the virtual environment that they use to fight until the end Varank Minister emphasized, "Turkey TUBITAK-19 Covidien, we created the Web Portal. covid19.tubitak.gov.t is portal, COVID-19 specific statistics, our country's knowledge and competencies in this field, current developments, scientific resources, data sets, clinical studies, prevention and treatment methods are shared. The portal also includes a 'Scientific Sharing Platform'. Researchers can share the information they find important and developments about their own research here. The portal has been visited by 2 thousand people since the day it was opened, in about 180 weeks, and the pages were viewed 1,5 million times. Increasing awareness and interest shows a good message about the strength of our country's scientific infrastructure. ”


Stating that they are fighting against the Covid-19 outbreak in the public, private sector and universities, Varank said, “All our ministries are in a great effort under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we support the R&D studies related to vaccine and drug development, while keeping the pulse of the real sector and taking the necessary steps. We are going through a dynamic as well as challenging process. We will continue our work with this awareness, as it has been until today. ” said.

The call opened with the announcement of Minister Varank will close on April 19. The results will be announced to the public on May 1.

For details of the intern researcher scholarship program call announcement CLICK HERE

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