How Does Kovid-19 Affect Pregnant?

How covid affects pregnant women
How covid affects pregnant women

The new type of coronavirus Kovid-1, which started in Wuhan, China and is transmitted to more than 19 million people worldwide, affects expectant mothers negatively. During pregnancy, which is a very sensitive period for women, expectant mothers worry about the baby getting infected, stress is loaded. Emphasizing that pregnant women should not disrupt their routine medical examinations in this process, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Olgaç says that expectant mothers should keep their immunity high and stay away from stress and anxiety.

The new type of coronavirus Kovid-2019, which appeared in Wuhan, China, and spread all over the world in late 19; It manifests itself with symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. Since any vaccine against the virus has not been developed in the world, it is very important to protect against Kovid-19, which threatens human life. The pandemic process, in which expectant mothers are negatively affected, causes anxiety and stress in pregnant women.

Routine Controls should not be disrupted, stress should be avoided

Routine pregnancy control is one of the most disturbing factors for expectant mothers during the Kovid-19 pandemic process. Obstetrician and Obstetrician Op. Dr. Yusuf Olgaç notes: “It should be kept in mind that at least as important as COVID-19, pregnancy can occur during pregnancy. People suffer from this disease at 80 percent without symptoms, and the most common feature of this group is the strong immune system. So basically the virus is not overcome by drugs, but the person's immunity. For this reason, you should sleep regularly, pay attention to nutrition and do sports, even if you are at home. The enemy of the immune system is stress and anxiety. Especially pregnant women need to protect themselves from the disease and avoid stress by getting rid of unnecessary anxieties for themselves and their babies. ”

KOVID-19 Infection Does Not Watch Serious in Pregnant Women

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Yusuf Olgaç said, “There is a physiological change in the body of pregnant women due to a decrease in lung capacity and an increase in the workload of the heart. For this reason, all kinds of respiratory infections can be more severe in pregnant women. However, KOVID-19 infection is not more severe compared to its age group, unless the pregnant woman has a chronic disease in an infected mother. These drugs are in category C and do not affect the baby, since the drugs used for treatment in hospitals are currently used in the treatment of malaria and rheumatological diseases in pregnant women. ” He said that the expectant mothers should not worry about the course of the disease.

Stating that there are two reported series of cases related to infected pregnant women, Yusuf Olgaç adds: “In the first report of the results of nine pregnant women with COVID-19, clinical findings were similar to those who were not pregnant. In the second series, there were nine pregnant women who were also positive for KOVID-19. In six of these babies were born prematurely due to the respiratory distress developed in the mother. There was no maternal death in either group and no infectious virus was found in infants. Here, too, the main risk factor is not pregnancy but other accompanying diseases. ”

The Method of Delivery Should Not Be Changed Due To Virus

Underlining that the World Health Organization does not have any suggestions for cesarean delivery due to a pandemic, Olgaç said; On the contrary, it reminds that it is important to prefer normal delivery unless there is any other medical reason, since it affects the respiratory physiology less, has positive effects on mother-baby health and has less hospital stay.

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