Solidarity is Growing in Izmir While the Coronavirus Outbreak Continues

solidarity in Izmir
solidarity in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor during the coronavirus epidemic Tunç Soyerreiterated its call for support for the We Are campaign. Tunç Soyer "The more we grow this solidarity, the faster we will recover, the stronger we will become," he said.

While the coronavirus epidemic threatens the world, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer He reiterated his call for everyone to support the We Exist solidarity campaign through People's Grocery as part of the fight against coronavirus. Tunç Soyer“The more we increase this solidarity, the faster we will recover and the stronger we will become,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of collective wisdom and solidarity in combating the epidemic, stating that the economic crisis that deepened with the coronavirus epidemic, started to hurt more and more. Soyer said, “I urge everyone to participate in this solidarity. This solidarity is important to show that municipalities and those who need support are not alone ”.

Support from Digital Platforms

We can support Solidarity through the Bizİzmir digital platform. Izmir residents can take the food packages they want to be delivered to those in need, via the Bizİzmir website or the Bizİzmir mobile application, and participate in the campaign from where they are. The purchased packages are delivered directly to the logistics center established in Kültürpark Hall 3, and then distributed to the needy by teams affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Izmir residents can participate in the campaign by delivering the food packages they have prepared or bought themselves to the hole number 3 in Kültürpark, which is turned into a logistics center.

With the support of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's resources and the support of the We Are Solidarity, 58 thousand 754 food packages have been delivered to those in need.

Resistor Pack Also Enabled

In addition to dry food parcels and roasting, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality started distributing resistance packages containing apples, oranges, lemons, onions and potatoes. In the first place, five thousand packages will be delivered to supported families. The products taken first hand from the vegetable and fruit form will be distributed with the boxes that say “It is a gift of the people of Izmir”.

Aid of Metropolitan Municipality Continues

Metropolitan Municipality continues to support İzmir residents within the scope of combating coronavirus. In this context, since the beginning of the process, milk was distributed to 118 thousand 775 children and one kilo of roasters to 4 thousand families. 15 thousand cash aid was given to 576 thousand 400 people. Health workers were sent a 12-person dry cake produced at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory. Since 30 March, hot soup and bread have been distributed to 72 thousand people.

Günceleme: 21/04/2020 14:19

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