Bus and Tram Hours During Curfew in Kayseri

bus and tram opening hours in Kayseri
bus and tram opening hours in Kayseri

During the curfew, which will be implemented over the weekend, the working hours of public transport have been rearranged. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality put flights in the morning and evening hours for those who have to work on the weekend.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. Planning was done by public transportation vehicles.

According to the plan, the rail system vehicles are between Organized Sanayi-Cemil Baba at 06.40 and 07.00 in the Organized Sanayi-Ildem line at 07.40, on the Ildem-Organized Industrial Line at 06.25 and 06.45, on the Cemil Baba-Cumhuriyet Square line at 07.45, 08.05 '. In the Cemil Baba-Organized Industrial Line, he will travel. In the afternoon, the rail system vehicles between Organize Sanayi-Cemil Baba at 15.40 and 15.55 on Organize Sanayi-İldem line at 17.20, on the line of Ildem-Organize Sanayi at 15.25 and 15.40, on the Cemil Baba-Cumhuriyet Square line at 16.50, at 17.40 will serve on the Cemil Baba-Organized Industrial Line. Rail systems will not operate on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, outside these hours.

On Saturday and Sunday, buses from different neighborhoods to the City Hospital will be made by Metropolitan Municipality buses. According to this; At 06.45 in the direction of TOKİ-City Hospital, at 06.45 and 07.00 in the direction of Anayurt-Şehir Hospital, at 07.00 in the direction of Eskişehir Bağları-Şehir Hospital, in the direction of Yakut Mahallesi-Şehir Hospital, at 07.00 and 06.45 in the direction of Erkilet City Hospital, In the direction of Ziya Gökalp-Şehir Hospital, there will be bus services at 07.00. The return of these buses will start from 07.00 and end at 14.45. Transfers from the rail system to the City Hospital from Anafartalar Station will be made immediately after the trips.

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