Live Diversity Increases in Izmir Bay

Live diversity increases in Izmir Bay
Live diversity increases in Izmir Bay

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality conducted by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey cooperation "Izmir Bay Oceanographic Monitoring Project" shows that the last photos taken of the Gulf of accelerated clearance process.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Water and Sewerage General Directorate of Turkey in the observation and the first system of monitoring of water quality modeling Izmir Bay Oceanographic Monitoring Project, Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) running through collaboration. As of this year, within the scope of the study, in which Seferihisar Akarca Bay is included in the study, the change in sea water is monitored by scientific methods. Physical, chemical, biological and microbiological quality in water is measured seasonally. Thanks to this method, changes in the gulf and ecological developments can be controlled. Within the scope of the two-year project, observations are made at 36 stations from İzmir Bay and 9 stations from Yeni Foça and Seferihisar Akarca bays. The project, which cost 2 million 750 thousand liras, also provides the opportunity to watch the life under the sea. Under the project, underwater imaging is performed from 9 different points and the effects of treatment facilities on their regions are also observed.

Growing Diversity in the Gulf

Murat Kaptan, who is also the coach of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club Underwater Imaging Team, has been taking photos by diving at various points of the bay since the project since last March. The images reflected from the captain's lens showed that the Gulf of Izmir has been enriched in terms of flora and fauna, and many living species such as the Mediterranean-loving sea rabbit, scuba tubing, endemic coral corals, cockroach fish that live in the Gulf come to life.

Good days coming soon

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that with the infrastructure projects they will implement, the improvement in the Gulf will become much more evident in the coming years, “Nature returns to its essence rapidly to the extent that we eliminate the polluting elements. Here are the colorful, life and hopeful frames reflected in the lenses from the Izmir Bay. The days when we will swim together in these waters are near,” he said.

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