The People of İzmir Became One Heart on April 23

Izmir ring became the only country in April
Izmir ring became the only country in April

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer celebrated the feast of the Izmirers by marching around on the streets of Izmir in an open bus on the centenary of April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Addressing the people of Izmir waving at the balconies decorated with red flags, Soyer said, “We will carry our Republic and our independence together with a new century. Long live Izmir, long live the Republic, long live our independence. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality carried the 23rd April celebration, which could not be held in the squares due to the coronavirus epidemic, to the houses and balconies. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer celebrated the feast of Izmirers by walking around the streets of the city by open bus. The bus, which also includes the Metropolitan Municipality Band, created a festive atmosphere in Izmir. Izmir residents on their balconies accompanied the marches with applause. President Soyer called out to the children and said, “You are very happy with the children of Atatürk and Izmir. You are the guarantee of the Republic and independence. I am proud of all of you. ” Izmir residents who sang the Izmir Anthem together with the Soyer couple immortalized those moments with their phones. Two other buses with marching bands also traveled on different routes of the city, creating enthusiasm for April 23.

“We All Have The Centenary Sense In The Heart”

Saying that the centenary of April 23 should be celebrated, President Soyer said, “Unfortunately, the coronavirus left us all astringent. So we are very sorry. But we all know that we all have a tremendous love of Atatürk and a centenary sense in our hearts. Therefore, we are comfortable. People can't go out, so we go to their streets and neighborhoods. We show that our hearts beat with them. ” Stating that children should not lose their hopes, Soyer said, “Let them continue to pursue their dreams. This virus will end and they will continue their lives where they left off, ”he said.



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