İTÜ OTAM Double Its Turnover!

itu doubled its turnover
itu doubled its turnover

Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM) test center in Turkey and in Europe Augmented Reality Platform implemented for the first time and has doubled its turnover with Remote Management Applications.

İTÜ Automotive Technologies Research and Development Center (OTAM), which has been working to increase the competitiveness of the automotive industry in global markets, has managed to double its first quarter turnover of 2020 compared to the same period of last year with the Augmented Reality Platform and Remote Management Applications it launched last year. With this technology, which allows OTAM's automotive companies to work remotely coordinated between R&D, multiple authorized company users can be connected to OTAM's test authority at the same time, keeping track of the processes, while keeping both public health and time loss and costs. It decreases.

Speaking about the subject, İTÜ OTAM General Manager Ekrem Özcan said, “Because of the coronavirus, companies in the automotive and defense industries continue their work from home, as in many sectors. In this process, we included most of our employees in the work system from home. Some of our colleagues continue to work at the OTAM center to meet the urgent needs of the automotive and defense industry. By actively using the Augmented Reality Platform, which we launched last year, our customers can connect to the smart glasses or smartphone of the shift technician who performs the test at OTAM, and monitor all stages of the parts, such as test, control and inspection, via remote interaction. Thus, both our customers and our colleagues who continue their work from home can easily carry out their business without coming to OTAM. With the Augmented Reality Platform and Remote Management Applications, we continue our work remotely without slowing down. Thanks to this digital transformation we have implemented, we have managed to double our 2020 first quarter turnover compared to the same period last year. ”

a first in Turkey and Europe

Ozcan, "we spend ITU ARI Techno Hangaarlab initiatives implemented with the cooperation of these technologies in Turkey and we are proud to be the first time a large area circuit testing organizations in Europe. In a period when the coronavirus process closes all the world's home or in Turkey's different locations in Romania, France, Italy and customers in different countries such as the UK and business are able to meet our Augmented Reality Platform demands of our partners, "he said.

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