Metro Service Hours Changed in Istanbul

metro timetable changes in istanbul
metro timetable changes in istanbul

Subway services in Istanbul ended at 21.00:00.00. Expeditions made until 06.00 so far will be held between 21.00-XNUMX with the decision taken within the scope of corona virus measures.

According to data on Thursday, April 2, 2, the number of passengers decreased up to 2020 in the subways and trams carrying more than 242 million passengers a day in Istanbul after the coronavirus outbreak.

After this drop in the number of passengers up to 90 percent, the criterion of “accepting passengers at the rate of 50 percent of the capacity” in the circular of the Ministry of Interior is further advanced. METRO İSTANBUL AŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), planned the flights so that the passenger density does not exceed 25 percent.

The suggestions of IMM were submitted to the Pandemic Board and announced to the public with the information of the Provincial Hygiene Board. According to the new plan, Metro services started to be made between 06:00 - 21.00:XNUMX.

İBB will keep the vehicles at a maximum 6 percent occupancy at all hours of the day by monitoring stations and vehicles with 371 thousand 25 cameras located in the Security Monitoring Center for the health and comfort of the passengers. In this process, cleaning and disinfection measures were increased in stations and vehicles in order to provide a safe travel environment for passengers. In order to remind the passengers about the social distance rule, information labels were placed to guide them to sit in the vehicles, leaving each seat empty.


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