Couldn't Istanbul Airport Metro Vehicles be bought from Bursa?

Couldn't Istanbul airport metro cars be taken from Bursa?
Couldn't Istanbul airport metro cars be taken from Bursa?

Today, when domestic and national production is spoken, a news in the newspapers attracted our attention yesterday.

The domestic breathing unit developed by our 4 companies in two weeks and ASELSANNowadays we are proud of the national imaging devices produced by CinAn order given to surprised.

UlaştıRMA and Infrastructureı MinistryLIGHT İIstanbul Airportı to be used in metro lines Chinese to a company 176 wagons He placed the order.

The tender is the only valid bidder in China CRRC 1 billion 545 million 280 thousand TLHe won.

Complete wagon sets 32 monthsalso manufactured in batches Turkeywill be delivered to. Delivery of the first 10 sets will start after 11 months.

It was understood until here.

But now Turkey It became one of the countries that manufacture rail system vehicles. BursaBoth subway and tram vehicles are being built in.

Durmazlar Rail system vehicles exported to the world by the company are used in some cities of our country, especially in Bursa.

I wish that tender BursaIf it were given to us, if both our money and foreign currency remained in our country.

We do not know the terms of the tender, but such an order of the ministry these days Bursawould be a great morale for our citizens.

CinIt would be a lie to say that it is not surprising to buy a rail system nowadays, when we accidentally imported plague and lost hundreds of lives to get rid of. (İhsan Aydın / Event)



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