Forbidden Opportunity Turned in Bursa, 2 Thousand Tons Asphalt Poured in 30 Weeks

bursa froze in the bursa, a thousand tons of asphalt was touched per week
bursa froze in the bursa, a thousand tons of asphalt was touched per week

Within the scope of the struggle against 'Covid 19', the Metropolitan Municipality, which turned the curfews applied on weekends in Bursa into an opportunity, poured about 2 thousand tons of asphalt in 30 weeks with the works going on day and night.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made an intense effort in the provision of hot food, food and market needs to citizens affected by the epidemic, continues its routine municipal activities, especially transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started to work with the re-asphalting of the worn parts of the tramway on the T6,5 line of approximately 1 kilometers on the city square - Sculpture route, transformed the stop of the city center on weekdays and expanded the working area thoroughly with the curfews on the weekends. T1, T3 tram lines, Mudanya road, İpekülük Caddesi, Setbaşı, Yeşil and Gökdere were poured approximately 2 thousand tons of hot asphalt in 30 weeks, especially during the night, when the curfew was applied.

Returned to Forbidden Opportunity

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the asphalt paving works on site at night in Setbaşı and Yeşil region. In the examination, in which the headman of Kurtoğlu Mahallesi Ahmet Gedik also participated in the baklava, Mayor Aktaş said that while fighting intensely with the corona virus, they continued their routine municipal services, especially transportation. President Aktaş, who said that they have turned the curfews, which are applied within the scope of corona virus struggle, into metropolitan opportunities, said, “In this process, we are trying to solve the problems that Bursa has become gangrenous for years. We spread the works we started with T1, T3 line in transportation, especially in Mudanya Road and İpekcılık Caddesi. We poured about 1 thousand tons of asphalt on both Mudanya road and T3 and T8 tram lines last weekend. You know, the curfew restriction started on Thursday this week. We carried out 11 thousand tons of asphalt pouring in 2 days with the ongoing works on Thursday and Friday and at night on September 12 Boulevard, Gökdere, Yeşil, Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard. On Saturdays and Sundays, where curfews will continue, we will have more than 8 tons of asphalt pouring, and approximately 30 tons of hot asphalt pavement in the past two weeks. These works were the ones we planned to do in the summer months, but these days we got the opportunity and brought the works forward. I would like to thank all my team members who are on duty day and night for these studies. ”

Kurtoğlu Mahallesi Muhtar Ahmet Gedik said that the timing of the work they have been waiting for years is very good, and that the work is progressing due to the fact that the tradesmen are closed and the citizens and vehicles are not in traffic. Gedik thanked President Aktaş for the work that would add value to Bursa in his neighborhood.

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