İmamoğlu: 'Ramadan is a Month of Charity, Don't Say Whoever Says'

imamoglu ramazan is the month of help, no matter who says whatever
imamoglu ramazan is the month of help, no matter who says whatever

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, celebrated the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, stating that the month of Ramadan will begin with the first sahur on the same night, and wished it to bring peace despite these difficult days. İmamoğlu said, “As you know, Ramadan is the month of enlightenment and cooperation. No matter what anyone says, don't listen. If you want to deliver your donations, zakat, and fitre to the most needy families, you can deliver it to the municipality of your place with peace of mind, no matter which party they are from," he said.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluDuring the curfew, which will start as of April 23 and will last for 4 days, he called and informed the people of Istanbul through his social media accounts regarding the measures taken by the IMM. İmamoğlu wished that the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day and Ramadan would bring peace to our country and said:


“As of tomorrow, we will both celebrate the 23th anniversary of our April 100 National Sovereignty and Children's Day and enter the blessed month of Ramadan on the same night. I hope that our national holiday and Ramadan will bring peace to our nation in these difficult days.

We all upset that April 23 and the month of Ramadan coincided with the curfew and the curfew period; But there is nothing to do. As I said, a 4-day curfew period begins as of tomorrow. Let's do our shopping without leaving the last minute. In addition, although going out on the streets is prohibited, the markets will be open on April 23 and 24, between 09:00 and 14:00. We can continue our normal shopping behavior.

Due to the fact that the markets are open and the couriers will work, the first 4 days of the 2-day curfew will be higher than the other 2 days. On this occasion, we have made very serious increases in public transportation. Our regular line buses will run from 7 am to 20 pm. On 00-23 April, we will make 24 or even 445 flights. Between 7.747:06 and 00:10 in the morning, the metrobus will arrive every 00 minutes. Now we are going to uninterrupted transportation. Therefore, the metrobus will run between 3: 10-00: 16. There will be a 00-minute flight between 16: 00-20: 00. Metrobus service will continue until 3 at night. ”


İmamoğlu stated that all hospitals are searched and asked if there are any special bus requests for the healthcare personnel and said, “We allocate buses to each hospital that requests. On Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26, our bus services will be between 7-10 hours in the morning and between 17:00 and 20:00 in the evening. Our Metrobuses will serve from 07:00 until midnight. We are already returning to the normal tariff at midnight on Sunday. ”

Metro lines will operate 23 minutes apart between 24:7 and 00:20 on April 00 and 30, and again between 25:26 and 7:00 on April 10-00 and between 17:00 and 20:00 in the evening. İmamoğlu, who stated that he would make trips every minute, continued his words as follows:

“Our City Lines ferries will make 7 trips with 13 different lines and 90 ships.

You can find all the transportation details on the websites of the relevant organizations.

In addition, both the public bread and Hamidiye will continue their full capacity production. Our 553 bread buffets will be open. Hamidiye water service will be available to the houses. ”


Reminding that the 23th anniversary of our April 100 National Sovereignty and Children's Day will be celebrated tomorrow, Imamoglu said:

“100 years ago, the elders of this nation did great things for the children of this nation. He established the Turkish Grand National Assembly for the self-government of the nation. And that Assembly, the War of Independence kazanIP Republic proclaimed. I express our gratitude to them and say long live the Turkish Grand National Assembly. At the same time, we will celebrate the world's only children's day. We have made very serious preparations for this holiday, which is Atatürk's gift to Turkish children. Both from my social media accounts and from iBB accounts. You can watch dozens of productions in accordance with the spirit of April 23 at your home for 3 days.


And of course, when we finish April 23 and enter the first hours of April 24, we will start the holy month of Ramadan with our first sahur. Unfortunately, this Ramadan will be different from all of them. We will not be able to meet at iftars, we will not be able to meet at sahur in Ramadan events. Unfortunately, this year. Ramadan, as you know, is a month of enlightenment and solidarity. No matter what anyone says. If you want to deliver your donations, zakat, fitrah to the families with the most correct needs, you can reach the municipality of your place, regardless of the party, with peace of mind. Regardless of his party, all our municipalities have a hand that goes all the way to the most capillary of society. The call is publicly appreciated from us.

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