IETT Kahraman is next to the Health Personnel ..! 4.767 Expeditions to Hospitals

Iett hero organized a trip to the hospital next to the health personnel
Iett hero organized a trip to the hospital next to the health personnel

IETT contacted all public and private hospitals in Istanbul in order to ensure that hero health personnel reach their workplaces, and allocated vehicles for each hospital. For those who had to work during the curfew, 4 thousand 767 buses were organized on Saturday.

IETT conducted a meticulous work on Saturdays and Sundays, when curfew was implemented, taking into account the departure and return of vital public service personnel. He organized the number of expeditions accordingly. He proposed to provide service by contacting the hospital administrations directly.


Last week, IETT contacted 238 hospital chief physicians in Istanbul and asked if there were any bus allocation requests, as some healthcare staff had difficulties accessing their workplaces. 110 hospital chief physicians contacted stated that there were no allocation requests. While 21 hospitals did not respond positively or negatively, buses were allocated to 41 hospitals. 66 hospitals responded that they would study and return, but did not return.

Vehicles were given to hospitals requesting allocation, for places and times when there is no public transportation, by observing the social distance rule. In addition, some hospitals were also provided with the services of collecting their personnel from home and taking them to the hospital, and taking them from the hospital to their homes, as required by the planning. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluAs stated by .


IETT also allocated 40 vehicles to the Security Forces for Saturday and Sunday and 10 vehicles for the evacuation in prisons.

During the days of IETT curfew, 445 even organized 07 10 flights between 17 and 20 in the morning and 4 and 667 in the evening. For the demands of the citizens calling the 153 line, 100 of the vehicles that were kept in reserve were immediately taken to the business and brought the people of Istanbul to their jobs.

On the Metrobus line, service is provided with a total of 06 vehicles between 10 and 17 in the morning and between 20 and 240 in the evening.


Normally around 3 million passengers are transported daily, while 27 passengers moved on Saturday, when there was a curfew. On the Metrobus line, the number of passengers, which was 1 million per day, fell to 8 thousand 318 on Saturday.

IETT increased the number of trips on normal days when there was no curfew restriction as safe distance application was started on buses due to the epidemic. Covering a total of 17 million 967 thousand 459 kilometers in February, IETT vehicles made 18 million 416 thousand 315 kilometers in March after the safe distance application.


Unfortunately, IETT personnel were also affected by the virus in Istanbul, which was the city most affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic. Half of our friends working in the Fleet command center, especially the Metrobus Department Head, are under isolation at home. Despite this, IETT's personnel continue to work from sacrifice. These staff take part in the coordinated monitoring of the whole fleet by staying in communication with their colleagues working 24 hours a day on the internet, and they support the command center by programming all the measures to eliminate the problems.


In addition, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police Department provides support for healthcare professionals to access their jobs and homes. The police teams trained 234 public officials, most of them health workers, over the previous weekend, and provided the same service to 66 health and pharmacy officers on Saturday.

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