IMM's April 23 Events Celebrate in Digital Media This Year

april's april events are celebrated digitally this year
april's april events are celebrated digitally this year

IMM will bring together many activities that both entertain and inform, so that 23 April celebrations will be held with 100 years of enthusiasm. The screenings will start with the children's game 'Pollyanna' on April 21 at 14.00; it will continue with opera, theater, film screenings, concerts and competitions. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu will announce the winners of the İBB and İBB TV social media accounts among 25 finalists in the National Children's Composers Competition on April 23 at 18.00.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organizes the April 19 National Sovereignty and Children's Day celebrations in a way that everyone can attend from their homes due to the coronavirus (Covid-23) epidemic. The April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which is the symbol of our national sovereignty, is the anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the only feast that is gifted to children in the world. İBB, preparing the three-day program between 100-21 April, brings together colorful programs with children who are covered by the curfew due to the risk of epidemic.


IMM will be organizing the events on digital platforms this year so that our children can celebrate the 23rd April National Sovereignty and Children's Day with enthusiasm. From song and photo contests, movie screenings and concerts will be held for children who continue their online education at home.

IMM will perform opera, theater, movie screenings, concerts and interviews through online channels. Events from the social media accounts of İBB Culture Department and İBB TV youtube can be watched from the channel. The screenings will start with the children's play 'Pollyanna' on April 21 at 14.00:21 and will continue with 'My Sister's Children are also in Jutland' on April 18 at 00:22 with the cooperation of the Danish Cultural Institute. The next screenings of the program will be the children's opera 'Peace Forest' on April 14.00 at 23, children's theater 'Atatürk and Child' on April 14.00 at 23 and the puppet play 'Ugly Duckling' on April 16.00 at XNUMX.


The final of the National Children's Composers Contest, organized by IMM to promote the creativity of children interested in music and encourage them to compose, will be held. The results of the contest anywhere in the children participating in Turkey, will be announced on April 23 at 18.00 in the evening. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu will announce the winners among 25 finalists in live broadcast from İBB and İBB TV social media accounts.

The jury members consisting of violin virtuoso Cihat Aşkın, composer Turgay Erdener, cellist Ozan Evrim Tunca, violinist Derya Türkan, pianist and orchestra conductor İbrahim Yazıcı, composer Çiğdem Erden will select the winners from among 5 finalists.

Competition of Istanbul, as well as Mus, Balıkesir, Çorum, Samsun, Nevsehir, while as many illidan our participation in Mersin, who lives in Austria and Saudi Arabia was admitted to our children composing a citizen of Turkey.


A painting contest on the subject of April 23 will be held on the children's holiday. A photograph of the picture made with the theme of “My Dream is April 23”, The owner of the 400 most admired images will be rewarded among those who send to. The winners will be gifted with the powerbank, t-shirt, hat, ball and special Muhammer Sun 'Generations Children's Songs' album prepared by IMM. In addition, one of the public transportation buses will be decorated with colorful collage composed of these pictures.


İBB organizes an online chess tournament on the week of April 23. Tournament, www.chess.comcontinues to be played in the private area opened in Istanbul under the name of İBB Spor İstanbul Tournament. After the preliminary round organized in three groups, the top 50 names meet in the final tournament on April 23, 2020.

National chess player Emre Can will interpret the final matches of the tournament where the applications begin. Those who rank in the finals to be played on April 23 will have the opportunity to win prizes. The first of the tournament will win 750 TL, the second 600 TL, the third 500 TL and the fourth 400 TL. Also, other top 10 players will have cash prizes and medals.


IMM also prepared gift sets for children who do not have internet access in their homes. Preparing gift boxes to be distributed to 100 thousand children, İBB included many surprises in the boxes from story books to educational games. In the sets, there is a reading book for children of upper age group and for the younger, our Jesus and Nisa Nest Istanbul, where the content of the IMM Social Services Department prepared, includes children's magazines, crayons and intelligence games. The magazine includes sections such as puzzles, painting activities, stories, matching games. In addition, the theme of April 23 is covered and the meaning of the day is explained to the children and it is aimed to have a fun time while learning. Gift boxes will be given to families with children applying for relief packages.


The invitation of the tiny Asia, which makes a voice in social media in a short time, with its video calling for everyone to celebrate the holiday with flags and applause at home, finds a response across the country. IMM invites everyone to read the National Anthem from the windows and balconies at 23:21 on April 00. As in every province in Turkey's Istanbul on April 23, to say the National Anthem together.


Besides the activities planned for children, IMM also prepared special programs for adults. On the evening of 22nd and 23rd of April, the talks on the theme of '23rd of Our Childhood' and 'National Sovereignty' will be held for adults with the participation of highly known names.


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