Contactless Pedestrian Button Against Covid-19 Virus from IMM

Contactless pedestrian button against cob virus virus
Contactless pedestrian button against cob virus virus

Photocell feature comes to pedestrian crossings in Istanbul. “Don't Touch the Button, Cross with Health”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) added a new one to the measures taken against the COVID-19 virus. Pedestrian crossings in Istanbul are now made contactless and equipped with a 'photocell' feature.

Under the coordination of the IMM Directorate of Transportation Traffic Directorate, smart city applications subsidiary company ISBAK started to attach contactless pedestrian buttons to the traffic lights. A remote access feature has been added to the 'Accessible Pedestrian Button', which allows thousands of pedestrians to cross the road safely every day.

Within the scope of measures against viruses, pedestrians will not have to press the button with the new version of the 'Accessible Pedestrian Button'. By bringing his hands closer to the button, he will be able to cross a healthy and safe way.

Contactlessness against viruses is VERY IMPORTANT!

Providing information about the button, İBB Traffic Manager Tuncay Önderoğlu said that it caused the anxiety that people infect the mouth and nose secretions and infect the areas that people use jointly. Önderoğlu stated that İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu instructed each unit to take measures to restrict the contact in their own business, and said:

“As the IMM Directorate of Traffic, we have carried out a study that makes the pedestrian button that our citizens previously touched and operated contactless. We will implement the Contactless Pedestrian Button, which we are currently implementing at 14 points in the coming days, especially in hospitals, student transitions and areas where pedestrian circulation is intense. Our citizens will be able to cross the button by moving their hands without touching them. ”

Önderoğlu pointed out that the most important measure against corona and similar viruses in the years to come is that people will not transmit their secretions to others, “For this reason, we see the application as a very important project. All institutions will have to make their applications that people contact collectively without contact ”.

With the project, which started from the regions where pedestrian traffic is intense in Istanbul, all button pedestrian crossings will be made contactless. With its 'photocell' feature, the Contactless Pedestrian Button alerts the people of Istanbul with a voice and gives the message “HomeKal”.



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