İBB Was With The Istanbulites In Every Area In The Curfew

ibb was on the side of the people of Istanbul from the transportation to the street and from the sowing to cleaning
ibb was on the side of the people of Istanbul from the transportation to the street and from the sowing to cleaning

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, the IMM was on the field during the 18-hour curfew, which was implemented to cover April 19 and 48. IMM continued to serve with 17 thousand personnel.

IMM continued its services during the curfew with 17 thousand personnel. Continuing its activities in all areas from transportation to cleaning, from bread to water, IMM accelerated its infrastructure projects by knowing the opportunity in the city.

Water and Bread from İBB

İBB Subsidiary Halk Ekmek AŞ (İHE) produced bread by operating 3 factories at full capacity. While the produced breads were offered for sale from 535 HRE buffets in Istanbul, a total of 2375 personnel took part in the production for two days.

Hamidiye AŞ, another subsidiary of IMM, continued to produce water bottles and pet bottles with its 215 employees. With 363 vehicles, 760 employees and 200 dealers, the water needs of Istanbul were met by Hamidiye AŞ.

Transportation Services

For officials, especially the healthcare staff, who are out of the curfew, IETT; He worked between 07: 00-10: 00 in the morning and between 17: 00-20: 00 in the evening with 445 or even 4 thousand 636 buses. Also, rail systems and city lines continued to work throughout the weekend. The lines of M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, T1 and T4 operated by METRO AŞ worked at half-hour intervals between 2: 07-00: 10 and 00: 17-00: 20 during the 00-day curfew. City Lines carried 280 passengers, with a total of 16 personnel and 7 ships, making 60 voyages and 1286 voyages.

İSKİ and İGDAŞ were on the Field

ISKI General Directorate, one of the subsidiaries of IMM; Sufficient personnel for the security of water treatment and wastewater stations and facilities ensured that water shortage was not experienced during the days of karatina.

İGDAŞ AŞ, a subsidiary of İBB, served 7/24 Emergency Response, call center and logistics (Transportation, cleaning, food, etc.) with a total of 48 personnel for 747 hours in shifts. 7/24 Emergency Response teams delivered natural gas to 432 million Istanbulites uninterruptedly and safely with 315 employees on Saturday and 16 employees on Sunday.

Some infrastructure projects carried out by ISKI other than water supply to citizens are as follows:

  • Kadıköy In order to solve the problem of wastewater and rainwater that has not been solved for a long time in Rıhtım Street of the district, the construction work of 1500 meters long wastewater and rainwater line has started. In addition, within the scope of the study, the potable water transmission line of the region is renewed.
  • Connection to the sea of ​​11.8 km long rain water tunnel and collector is being carried out in Üsküdar Square, which will end the rainwater raids that occur after every heavy rain and cause the merger of the sea and the land.
  • Completion of the renewal of our main water transmission line, which is 800 millimeters in diameter and 120 meters long, which has completed its economic life at Beykoz Beach.
  • Within the scope of Kurbağalıdere Reclamation Works, Göztepe E-5 Bridge pass was completed and traffic was opened in the direction of Harem - Ankara.

City Squares and Roads Cleared

İSTAÇ AŞ, a subsidiary of IMM, disinfected the city's squares and streets intensely and programmatically, with a total of 389 staff, 223 on the European Side and 612 on the Anatolian Side, in the curfew. In addition, all metrobus and bus stations were disinfected by İSTAÇ teams and prepared per week. In two days, an area of ​​80 football fields was washed with a total of 116 washing vehicles.

Police and Supervised and Supported

IMM Police teams continued their duties in shifts with 1822 personnel. The police carried out checks and announcements on the main arteries, squares and beaches throughout the ban. 625 workplaces and 107 fuel stations, 72 bakeries, 8 ferries, 8 piers were supervised by the Police. A total of 104 people, mostly health workers and pharmacists, who want to reach their duty by the municipal police, were provided with transportation support to be trained in health institutions and pharmacies. In addition, 31 citizens who could not go out to the streets, such as the discharge of the patients who were discharged from the hospital to their residence, and the transportation of those who needed medication, were eliminated in accordance with their demands, and their support was provided to 12 malfunctioning vehicles.

5 Thousand Tons Asphalt Spread, Target 500 Thousand Tons

IMM also continued road maintenance and repair works in the main arteries of the city. On the roads vacated due to the curfew, 5 thousand tons of asphalt was laid this weekend. The aim is to improve the condition of Istanbul's roads and streets with 500 thousand tons of asphalt paving in the next two months.

Our friends on the street are not forgotten

IMM teams, on the Anatolian side of the street animals; Beykoz, Çekmeköy, Üsküdar, Pendik, Kartal, Maltepe KadıköyOn the European side, Arnavutköy, Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Fatih, Bakırköy, Sultangazi, Avcılar, Silivri, Eyüpsultan gave dry food in a quantity of approximately 17 kg at 340 points in 2.000 districts.

Work in All Fields Continued

Some of the other activities that IMM continues on the weekend are as follows:

  • ALO 153 was at the head of the White Table.
  • 1400 healthcare professionals were provided with accommodation.
  • İSPER AŞ, on Saturday 1644 and Sunday 1542 staff; He supported efforts to prevent disruption of services in many areas from hospice, disabled care, toilet cleaning, funeral services, feeding of unattended animals to public relations.
  • İSTON with 96 staff E-5 Highway Beylikdüzü Metrobus Station Pedestrian Overpass, Kadıköy Kurbağalıdere Yogurtçu Park continued to work on the project between the Sea Structure and Landscaping between Moda and Büyük Istanbul Bus Terminal.
  • Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ was on duty with a total of 385 personnel, mainly in cleaning and technical fields, during the curfew imposed on the weekend.
  • İSBAK AŞ carried out signalization control studies in the city with its team of 55 people.
  • İSPARK: Alibeyköy Cep Bus Station, Büyük İstanbul Bus Station, İstinye and Tarabya Marina, served with 191 staff in Bayrampaşa Vegetable Fruit Market, Kozyatağı Vegetable Fruit Market and Gürpınar Fish Market.
  • A total of 10 technical specialist personnel, 8 in the ISTT Data Center services, 4 in the WiFi services, and 22 in the scope of Wireless Services, worked in the shift procedure. IMM WiFi services; It reached to Istanbul residents uninterruptedly with public personnel.
  • İSTGÜVEN AŞ was in charge of its duties with 4940 personnel.

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