IMM Distributes Mask to Citizens in Public Transportation

ibb distributes masks to citizens in public transportation
ibb distributes masks to citizens in public transportation

Following the obligatory wearing of masks in public areas, IMM started distributing 100 thousand masks in the first place in buses, metro, metrobus and ferries, as President Ekrem İmamoğlu explained.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as part of his efforts to fight Coronavirus last night; He explained that it is compulsory for everyone to wear masks in all areas where people are in public places such as market places, markets and public transportation vehicles.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality SözcüSü Murat Ongun shared a message that immediately after the announcement, public transport vehicles will not receive masked passengers and IMM will distribute masks.

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu shared a social media post in the morning, saying, “We started mask distribution from the early hours of the morning. We will distribute 100 thousand masks to Istanbul residents free of charge throughout the day. For your health, please wear a mask in public transport and public areas. ”

In this context; In all rail systems operated by İBB, İETT, OTOBÜS AŞ and ÖHO buses and METRO İSTANBUL AŞ, ŞEHİR HATLARI AŞ ferry and special passenger engines under the control of İBB were masked to passengers.

Vehicle drivers and security guards warned the people of Istanbul to take masked public transportation vehicles by giving them to unmasked passengers. It was observed that the passengers were also satisfied with the application.



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