IMM Scientific Committee Announces Proposals to Fight Covid 19

ibb science committee explained their suggestions to fight with covid
ibb science committee explained their suggestions to fight with covid

The whole world is under the influence of the field, while the most severely felt in Istanbul, Turkey Covidien 19 Disease Science Committee created by the IMM IMM to fight on the invitation, announced the proposal. In the statement of the IMM Scientific Board, which invited the relevant ministries and non-governmental organizations, especially the Ministry of Health, to participate in this committee, the following views and suggestions regarding Istanbul were included:

COVID-19 disease, which affects the whole world, manifests itself with the heaviest effect in Istanbul, which is the highest province of our country in terms of population and population density. It is seen that 60 percent of the patients accepted as “cases” by the Ministry of Health are in Istanbul. This exceptionally high rate even alone, Istanbul, Turkey all be addressed in a separate format and original protection from the city, necessitates the establishment of control strategies.

In order to manage this serious process in the most accurate way, a Scientific Committee has been born within the invitation and structuring of IMM. The purpose of this board is in the light of current scientific data of municipal services; It is the original planning, execution and supervision of professional chambers, expert associations, non-governmental organizations, with the invitation and suggestions of competent scientists on the subject, with a common mind.


The Board meets regularly with IMM executives, evaluates problems specific to Istanbul, prepares suggestions, and makes recommendations to implement what can be done within the frame of IMM services immediately.

These days, institutions and administrators have great duties for the sense of trust and social solidarity that society needs most. All government agencies and officials are responsible for keeping citizens safe, and taking precautions and measures for this. As a country, it is very important for all institutions to work in information, experience, resource sharing, harmony, close cooperation and coordination in order to find solutions.


Undoubtedly, it is not possible to achieve effective results without the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries, civil society and other organizations not represented in this board.

The IMM Science Committee repeats its invitation to all institutions. Individuals living together in this country are at risk of being affected by this disease, regardless of their political opinions. The outbreak unites people at risk of disease. To combat the epidemic of COVID 19, which affects and will affect us all, it is essential to act together and take advantage of the experience of institutions.


In this direction, our priority suggestions are;

  • 1- Alternative treatment centers should be established; In addition to these centers, sports and similar large-area halls should be used as isolation units to provide isolation.
  • 2- Suspected cases detected with thermal cameras should be examined and tested to ensure their isolation.
  • 3- Control facilities for taking precautionary measures (including testing) should be activated at the facilities that have to work.
  • 4- Additional measures should be taken to provide and distribute the materials and equipment needed in Pandemic hospitals.
  • 5- In order to keep the morale and motivation of the people high and to strengthen the call to "stay at home", various projects should be produced.
  • 6- The number of tests should be increased and the filection should be accelerated.
  • 7- Preventive action plans for the protection of health workers should be put forward. (Personal Protective Equipment, Accommodation etc.)
  • 8- All closure measures should be applied to prevent the rate of epidemic spread.

For this purpose, it invites all institutions to create solutions together for our people in this critical period; We find it imperative that IMM and other institutions act together, which is one of the most critical institutions in combating the epidemic. As the IMM Science Board, we want to inform the public that we are trying to use all the knowledge and skills we have available for the benefit of our people.


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