İBB rewarded the workers repairing the 70 thousand dollar metrobus part with 3 salaries

they repaired the thousand dollar metrobus part purchased from outside
they repaired the thousand dollar metrobus part purchased from outside

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu instructed the rewarding of the IETT personnel who repair the damaged 70 dollar spare part of the damaged metrobus, which is the method they found. Welcoming auto electric master Mustafa Kabaoğlu, mechanic master İbrahim Karaman and garage cheek Samet Arıkan, İmamoğlu instructed IETT General Manager Alper Kolukısa to reward the staff with 3 salary bonuses. İmamoğlu said, “This was like morale on those hard days. It is our neck's debt to reward you as our institution. ”

Auto electric master Mustafa Kabaoğlu and mechanical master İbrahim Karaman, who were working at IETT, managed to repair the damaged spare part, which should be brought from the USA under normal conditions. Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), who announced the success of Kabaoğlu and Karaman this morning from his social media accounts, hosted 70 masters at the presidential residence in Florya at noon. IETT General Manager Alper Kolukısa and Garage Chief Samet Arıkan were also present at the meeting held in accordance with the social distance rules.


Kolukısa said, “Three of our friends did this study. They have repaired the part related to the hybrid system, which has a part value of about 3 thousand dollars. It could only be done in America. At the moment, our friends are doing it in the IETT garage at a 70 percent cost. Our vehicles are no longer waiting, and we can also service more vehicles. These are metrobus vehicles from the Netherlands. Many of them lay. Today, nearly 1 of them are working now. ”He summarized the work of the masters.

Speaking after Kolukısa, İmamoğlu said, “Health for you. God bless you. You serve the institution. You even protect our own capital. We are grateful to you and both of our other friends for this effort, thank you ”.


Kabaoğlu, Karaman and Arıkan also thanked İmamoğlu for hosting them and said, “It is important that these opportunities are offered. We were trusted. The most important thing is that such a study finds value somewhere. This is the most important for us. ”

İmamoğlu gave the following response to these words: “He has to find value. We have talented people. To give them that opportunity, our managers to look in that way and provide that environment… We need to increase the examples of this. Not only in IETT, but also in other parties, we need to give that opportunity to our producers. We have to reward good performance, to set an example. Let others look with that eye by saying 'What can I do more, what can I give'. It also increases the sense of belonging to the institution. You raise talented friends from behind. We are with you. When I heard about it, when I watched it in the morning, I was really proud to be working with you as Mayor. ”


At the end of the meeting, İmamoğlu gave the General Manager Kolukısa the following instruction: “We should reward this kind of work for our friends institutionally. Take a look at compliance with the regulation; I, as the President, think that it is their right to give 3 salary bonuses to our friends who have accomplished such a valuable job because they have accomplished a valuable job. I want you to do this quickly. I know that my friends have done their job without waiting for any material response. I am aware of it, but the institution should reward success so that motivation is magic. This was like morale on those hard days. It is our duty to reward you as an institution. ”

they repaired the thousand dollar metrobus part purchased from outside
they repaired the thousand dollar metrobus part purchased from outside


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