India and Pakistan Transform Trains to Mobile Hospitals

India and Pakistan trains turn to mobile hospitals
India and Pakistan trains turn to mobile hospitals


Although the cases of Corona virus (Covid-19) are low, two countries in Asia are experiencing great anxiety. Pakistan and its neighbor India are taking strict measures despite the small number of corona viruses. Pakistan and India took the measures one step further and started turning the sleeper trains into a hospital.

After Pakistan, India started to take advantage of the rail network in the country to fight the corona virus. In Pakistan and India, sleeper train cars were turned into hospitals. Medical equipment and respirators were placed in sleepers and preparations were made for potential virus patients.

Many countries go to quarantine hospital applications to combat the coronavirus epidemic, which has an impact on the world. Indian Railways and Trade Minister Piyush Goyal, from his social media account, has announced that he has turned the train wagons into quarantine hospital, which he announced as "Modified to provide comfortable isolation opportunities for coronavirus patients". While visiting the quarantine hospital consisting of wagons, Goyal stated that all kinds of medical equipment were offered to the public in the hospital.

While 4 thousand 314 coronavirus cases were recorded in India, 20 thousand old train wagons in the country started to be turned into quarantine centers. There are 16 beds in each wagon where necessary devices and medical equipment are installed.

Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the sleeper train wagons traveling between Karachi and Peshevar were turned into mobile hospitals. The 220-bed wagon, which is located in the train stations in Lahore, Karachi, Kuetta, Shukur, Rawalpindi and Multan cities of Pakistan, started to be used as a mobile hospital. Pakistani officials say there are 9 beds in each wagon. Devices of the left were also placed in mobile hospitals.

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