Health Screening for Bus Drivers in Kayseri

health screening for bus drivers
health screening for bus drivers

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, by considering the health of both citizens and employees using public transportation, conducts preventive health screening for bus drivers.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to its works carried out within the scope of coronavirus measures. In collaboration with the Provincial Directorate of Health, the transportation of private public bus drivers and the Transport A.Ş. Bus drivers working within the company were subjected to health screening.

New measures are added to the measures taken against the possibility of bus drivers carrying thousands of citizens every day, both in their own health and in case of a potential risk. Transportation Inc., which previously protected the cabs of the drivers transparently. this time he went to the health screening application.

At the Kiçikapı Bus Movement Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality, the fires of the drivers were measured, and their stories were recorded by scanning for any medical problems.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which undergoes the health screening of bus drivers, also continues the disinfection procedures carried out on buses. On the one hand, while a health screening was done for the drivers, the buses were disinfected to the finest details.

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