Critical Delivery from HAVELSAN for Reis Class Submarine

critical delivery for submarine submarine
critical delivery for submarine submarine

The second Submarine Command and Control System developed by HAVELSAN within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project (YTDP) was delivered to the Gölcük Shipyard Command.

The Submarine Command and Control System, produced by HAVELSAN for the second Reis Class Submarine, TCG Hızır Reis (S-331), under construction of the New Type Submarine Project, was delivered to the Gölcük Shipyard Command, where submarines were produced. HAVELSAN continues production for other submarines.

On the subject, President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. In the statement made by İsmail DEMİR, “Our defense industry continues to work by applying the necessary measures at the highest level.

We have delivered the Submarine Command and Control System, which has been integrated and completed by HAVELSAN, to our Gölcük Shipyard Command to be installed in our Hızır Reis submarine. ” expressions were included.

New Type Submarine Project (YTDP)

The New Type Submarine Project (YTDP), which includes the construction of six U 214 Class Submarines with Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP), under the command of the Gölcük Shipyard, was signed on June 22, 2011 and entered into force. YTDP is the largest submarine building project realized jointly by the SSB and Navy Command. They are called "Reis Class Submarines" by the Turkish Navy. Submarines are produced under the command of Gölcük Shipyard.

6 Reis Class Submarines whose construction activities continue at Gölcük Shipyard Command; TCG Piri Reis (S-330) 2022, TCG Hızır Reis (S-331) 2023, TCG Murat Reis (S-332) 2024, TCG Aydın Reis (S-333) 2025, TCG Seydi Ali Reis (S-334) 2026 TCG Selman Reis (S-335) will enter the inventory in 2027. The first submarine TCG Piri Reis (S-330) was launched in 2019.

Source: Defense Industry

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