Air Pollution Increases the Effect of Coronavirus

air pollution increases the effect of coronavirus
air pollution increases the effect of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic, which showed its effect all over the world, brought life to a standstill. Researching how the disease affects human health, scientists have discovered the link between air pollution and coronavirus deaths. According to research conducted at Harvard University, the increase in 'solid particle' (PM) density causing air pollution triggers coronavirus deaths. In samples taken from 3 different locations across the USA, coronavirus deaths in regions with high PM rate increased by 15 percent compared to regions with low PM rate.

Located largest producer of alternative fuel technologies in the world at the forefront in the fight against air pollution brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "the largest source in the city of solid particles which cause air pollution are diesel-fueled vehicles. Diesel releases 10 times more solid particles into the atmosphere compared to other fossil fuels. This is why a diesel ban is imposed in many European countries. We will see the mandatory emission test application in our country in 3 months ”.

The coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world, threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Researching the causes that make the coronavirus effective, scientists have discovered that air pollution triggers deaths from coronavirus. According to the research conducted by Harvard University in 3 different locations in the USA, solid particles (PM) causing air pollution increased coronavirus deaths by 15 percent.

Francesca Dominici, who led the research, said there are studies that show that solid particles do serious harm to human health, even without a pandemic. Dominici also stated that the risk of hospitalization and death from coronavirus is higher in areas with high air pollution.


According to Harvard University studies, coronavirus deaths doubled the US average in the Allegheny County industrial zone, where the solid particle rate was well above the established PM 2.5 level. The researcher, Francesca Dominici, stated that more than 70 percent of coronavirus deaths are observed in areas with high air pollution.


solid particles that cause air pollution stating that due to the diesel fuel in densely populated cities where there is no industrial production BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "Solid particles are the main source where there is no coal and coal re around and diesel fuel. The amount of solid particles produced by LPG is 35 times less than coal, 10 times less than diesel and 30 percent less than gasoline. For this reason, the member states of the European Union have created regions where diesel vehicles they call 'green zones' are prohibited. The bans that started in Cologne, Germany moved to Italy and Spain last year. In our country, the emission of solid particles into the atmosphere will be kept under control with the mandatory emission tests that are expected to start in 3 months ”.


Underlining that solid particles are on the agenda with the coronavirus epidemic today, but they cause many health problems, Kadir Örücü said, “According to European Union (EU) data, people's life is shortened by 6 to 8 months because of the high PM rates in the air of big cities. The money spent on health problems caused by high PM values ​​is calculated as 75 thousand Euros per ton. For this reason, diesel bans came to the agenda in EU countries. We will not be able to see diesel vehicles in Europe in the next 5 years. The possibility of shifting these vehicles to countries where the diesel ban is not implemented poses a threat to all of us. ”


Turkey said the drop in business in Europe the diesel ban is mandatory emissions testing BRC CEO Kadir Turkey Knitter, "which states the damage to human health and the environment Diesel fuel has been proven by the data can not be denied. We anticipated that the 'green zone' practices, which started in the EU countries, will be implemented in our big cities. The mandatory emission test introduced with the new Environmental Law can be interpreted as the first step of a possible diesel ban. ” Since 2019 the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization mandatory emission measurement on the agenda was adopted in the early days of 2020 and is expected to be implemented in all of Turkey within 3 months.

It is estimated that over 500 thousand vehicles in traffic will not pass the mandatory emission test. With the new Environmental Law, vehicle owners who do not have compulsory exhaust emission measurements will receive an administrative fine of 895 Turkish lira as of the new year and 3 thousand 790 Turkish lira for those who own non-standard emission vehicles.


Reminding that we celebrate as Earth Day on April 22, Kadir Örücü said, “April 22, Earth Day, Paris Climate Agreement, has led to positive steps for our world and for us. Let's not forget our responsibilities towards our Earth by taking lessons from the coronavirus pandemic on Earth Day. A good life is the right not only of us living in today, but also of future generations after us. ”

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