General Motors Contracts With CEVA Logistics For Management Of Respirator Supply Chain

General Motors contracted with ceva logistics to manage the supply chain
General Motors contracted with ceva logistics to manage the supply chain

CEVA Logistics coordinates shipments of vital products to be shipped to GM's USA manufacturing facility in Kokomo, Indiana, from all over the world.

Thanks to the planning, coordination and implementation skills of CEVA Logistics teams, General Motors and Ventec Life Systems companies started mass production of intensive care breathing devices within the scope of the contract signed with the US Department of Health and Human Services. More than 30,000 of the 600 respirators to be produced in total will be shipped this month.

General Motors company started working with CEVA Logistics as the 4PL logistics provider responsible for the management of the entire breathing apparatus production supply chain. Under the contract of GM company with the US Department of Health and Human Services, CEVA Logistics will be responsible for the delivery of hundreds of parts to be used in Ventec Life SystemsV + Pro intensive care respirators, which will be produced in General Motors company's Kokomo, Indiana factory.

Single Logistics Provider

CEVA Logistics and General Motors have successfully maintained their business relationship for more than 10 years, and within this special project, CEVA Logistics will be responsible for supplier management, order management, transportation and customs consultancy management and monitoring processes of all parts required for the manufacture of respirators. CEVA Logistics company is the only logistics provider of this project in the inbound phase.

CEVA Control Towers Manage Global's Bound Deliveries

CEVA Control Towers located in Singapore, Houston and Detroit will be directly involved in the implementation and management steps of this project so that the supply chain can continue without interruption. As part of this project, some of the CEVA Logistics personnel were deployed in Detroit and highly effective social distance measures were taken in the control towers to protect our company personnel.

CEVA, which has a wide U.S. operations network covering the airline, maritime, road and contract logistics business in the last decade, has become a global power in freight management with the EGL brand for 15 years, offering logistics services in the whole country without any problems and then merging with TNT Logistics. continued its activities on the roof.

Record Time Delivery

In his statement on the subject, CEO of CEVA Logistics company Mathieu Friedberg said: “CEVA Logistics is proud to support the production process of this extremely important equipment that will save lives and support healthcare professionals throughout the USA. Thanks to its expert knowledge in both the automotive and health supply chains, CEVA can take on this responsibility and carry out the task successfully. The fact that General Motors company trusted us in this project in this crisis environment is an indisputable proof of our reliability and expertise.

In order to produce these vital respiratory devices in the shortest possible time and start saving lives all over the USA, we have ensured that the products from many facilities located all over the world are delivered on time in a record time. We are happy to fulfill our duty for the success of this project and we will continue to deliver every product required during the project. ”

“Every respirator we manufacture will save lives, and GM's global supply base and production teams UAW and Kokomo are working with determination and unwavering commitment to successfully accomplish this task,” said Gerald Johnson, GM's Global Manufacturing Vice President. In order to increase the intensive care respirator production capacity of people, people work with incredible determination. I have never witnessed anything like this during my career ”.

After the completion of the production, the first breathing device shipment will be delivered to the hospitals in Gary (Indiana), Chicago and farther, quickly starting from the facility in Kokoma.

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