Investments for Young People are Coming Back

young people's investment is folding and returning
young people's investment is folding and returning

EGİADis one of the Social Responsibility Projects of Turkey and has been going on for 11 years. EGİAD Life School opened its doors online on April 25. Within the scope of the "Life School", which will be held with the participation of more than 5 vocational high school students from 100 universities in Izmir, students will be given personal development training for 5 weeks. Graduating at least 150 students every year EGİAD Nearly a thousand young people will be brought to life from the School of Life this year.

Aiming to make the vocational high school students who have high technical skills, become a preferred element in business life by strengthening their social competencies. EGİADStarted training to support more than 100 successful young people chosen from vocational colleges in universities in Izmir. Young people studying at Ege University Ege Vocational High School, Ege University Emel AKIN Vocational High School, Izmir University of Economics Vocational High School, Dokuz Eylül University İzmir Vocational High School, Yaşar University Vocational High School, EGİADparticipated in the trainings to be held online this year.

Projects Holding by Young People

EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan stated that as a young business people organization, the young generation is of great importance for them and expressed that they are struggling to decrease the youth unemployment figures. Drawing attention to the importance of holding young people, President Aslan said: “Effective communication skills, corporate culture, career planning, CV writing techniques, interview techniques, both within the scope of the School of Life, which provides solutions to the problem of finding qualified intermediate staff and are a remedy for youth unemployment. Sub-titles such as stress management, time management, emotional intelligence, teamwork, conflict techniques, decision making and problem solving techniques will be discussed. ”

Personal Development gained importance in the new order

Reminding that it has been rough for 2 months due to Covid-19 EGİAD Noting that there is an incredibly rapid change in all areas of life, President Aslan said, “Nothing will be the same anymore. In this sense, we have to adapt to the new order. The new order will bring us both flexible and remote work, and we will need to give importance to our personal development and invest in ourselves more than ever. I wish EGİAD In this sense, Life School provides you the greatest benefit. In conclusion, I would like to state that we attach great importance to young people as the head of an association with a young expression. Every investment in them is returning too much. No effort given to youth is absolutely wasted. EGİAD Ş., we have a slogan that we have been saying for many years. We "Believe in the Future of Our Country". In saying this, we have only one assurance, which is YOUTH. Every one of your great leader Atatürk's address to the youth sözcüWe believe and trust that you will fulfill the requirements by knowing the meaning of the day. That is why, although we are a business people association, we carry out at least a few youth projects every year. School of Life is one of our dearest projects, ”he said.

Dokuz Eylul University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Engin Deniz Eriş met with the students as a guest speaker under the title of Social Media Communication. Eris shared the terminological information and practical practices about social media communication and management to the young participants. In education, digital competencies and equipment, knowledge of social media communication and management, the ability to form a social media strategy, knowledge of social media production and management, and learning social media creation strategies were mentioned.



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