Entry and Exit to the Islands is Banned until Midnight on May 31

Entry to the islands during the day got angry
Entry to the islands during the day got angry

Entries and exits to the Islands were banned from midnight on April 26 to midnight on May 31, except for those whose residency is on the Islands, those who obtained travel permits and carry basic supplies and those who provide services for electricity, water, natural gas, and telecommunications installations.

In the written statement made by the Adalar District Governorate, it was stated that the decision to limit the entry-exit to the Islands was taken at the meeting of the Istanbul Governor's Province Pandemic Coordination Board on April 21, 2020.

Rationale Increase of Population in Summer

The reason for the decision was as follows:

  • In Adalar district, which is separated from the mainland and reached only by sea, the number of cases is extremely low; Due to the fact that it is a summer resort, the temperatures increase and the approaching of the summer months, it is a residential area that many citizens visit daily.
  • Having a population living on the Istanbul mainland in the winter months, living in the Islands as the second residence in the summer months and seeing what they want to come to their home in the Islands…
  • If no precautions are taken, it will increase the risk of transmission of the people who will come as a summer house and as a visitor and increase the spread of the virus…

Exceptions to Check in and Out of the Islands

  • Those who are involved in the logistics, production and transportation of products and / or materials necessary for the continuity of all commercial activities, especially basic needs (food / cleaning, etc.) materials, medicines and medical supplies, and their vehicles; type of goods, delivery place / recipient address, delivery note showing delivery date, delivery receipt or invoice etc. will be able to enter / exit with documents. Persons who enter in this way must wear masks during their activities by observing change periods and comply with social distance when contact is required. Commercial freight carriers who are allowed to enter in this way will not be able to stay in the district.
  • Those who are in charge of the transportation and production of the materials needed by natural gas, electricity, energy supply security and their vehicles; will be able to enter / exit with the duty document and / or shipment note to be issued by the relevant company regarding their involvement in the energy sector.
  • Electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications etc. Those who are in charge of maintaining the supply systems that should not be interrupted and eliminating their failures will be able to enter and exit with their duty document.
  • In case the residents and workplaces of the managers, employees or business owners in the working life are located in different districts; Documents proving this situation (settlement / residence document, SGK registration document) can be made on condition of presenting documents.
  • Public officials working in the district of Adalar, those who are in charge of ensuring the continuity of public service and service; will be able to check in / out with a document or ID that they are in charge.

Can be provided with the Travel Permit Certificate for Entry and Exit to the Islands

Temporary or permanent travel permit can be given to the following people by the "Travel Permit Boards" created by the District Governorate in each island:

  • Who is discharged from the hospital where he is treated and wants to return to his original residence, who has been referred with a doctor's report and / or previously received a doctor appointment / control,
  • Those who will travel to attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, the deceased relatives, who will perform the funeral burial procedures of their relatives and attend,
  • Although other than those listed above, the reasons for which it certifies are approved by the District Governorate and may be granted to persons in the presence of the above mentioned situations.

Restriction on Activities

Aside from the ban on entry and exit, the following measures were addressed:

  • The hotels, motels, camps, clubs, social facilities in the Adalar District are not operating during this period,
  • Due to the fact that the majority of the employees of the public institutions reside outside the district, flexible working measures should be taken in a way that will not hinder the service,
  • It is forbidden to cruise with private boats within the boundaries of Adalar district between 26:2020 on Sunday, 24 April 00 and 31:2020 on Sunday, 24.00 May XNUMX,

Criminal Procedure for Non-Prohibited

In the statement also for people who do not comply with the decision General Sanitary Law 'It was also stated that, in accordance with Article 282 of the Law, administrative fines will be handled in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law, and necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding the criminal behavior.

Substances specified in the description General Sanitary Law 'It has been stated that it has been unanimously decided pursuant to Articles 27, 72 and 77.

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