Entrepreneurship Culture Should Be Started Vaccination in Schools

entrepreneurship culture should start to get hung up at schools
entrepreneurship culture should start to get hung up at schools

📩 08/07/2020 17:49

Offering world around the high school students entrepreneurship first-hand experience the possibilities and this year for the first time in Turkey Aegean Young Business People Diamond Challenge program held in Izmir in the Association partnership Covidien-19 covered by declaring a pandemic took place online with the cancellation of international flights. On February 10, 2020 EGİAD Ayes the first from the American College of Turkey qualifying Group held in association center, in a competition that takes place through the Zoom application has successfully represented Turkey.

The Diamond Challenge Final, which took place in the virtual environment due to the Covid-19 outbreak, started with 5 applications, which included more than 766 thousand high school students. This year, there was a record participation in the Diamond Challenge program, where approximately 600 applications were received. Last year, 21 teams from 18 countries and 58 states participated in the Summit, which ranks first in world organizations as a professional business development and networking activity among high schools, and 30 semi-finalists from 18 countries and 73 states participated this year.


Both Android and Apple Store on electricity, water, gas bills and creating an application that can be accessed instantly from the first qualifier in Turkey on consumption Ayes Group (American College) has successfully represented Turkey in the finals to join it online. Selin Sayıner, Arta Akbulak, Yaman and İldem group consisting of Edam Balcıoğlu, Turkey's internationally among high school students expressed that they were happy to join the entrepreneurship competition participated for the first time. "It was a very important success for us," the team said in a joint statement after the Diamond Challenge. It was an unforgettable experience to represent our country at the Diamond Challenge organized by the University of Delaware in the USA, especially among the 31 groups. While still in high school, we had the opportunity to learn the important building blocks of business planning such as using the entrepreneurship ecosystem effectively, financial analysis, feasibility stages, market analysis. Every week for about four months EGİAD We attended the meetings with. Throughout our meetings, we went over our presentation and worked on how we can deliver our product to users more easily.

In this challenging process of our country and the world, we continued to improve our product and presentation every day, and we prepared for the Diamond Challenge finals, which were held for the first time in the virtual environment. In the finals, we had the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of important entrepreneurs in the business world, such as Hazel Jennings, responsible for design systems on Instagram, Sarah Hernholm, social entrepreneur, and Mitchell Kick, vice president of the Global Business Development division of SAP. Our mobile application, which allows users to instantly see the water, electricity and natural gas bills working with smart meters, also received the appreciation of the jury. We were very honored to represent our country for the first time in the world's leading entrepreneurship competition. We believe that this contest, which we think will take us one step forward when we start our university life next year, gives us a great experience. Our school, because of giving us this valuable opportunity, Izmir American College and EGİADThank you very much. ”


EGİAD On the other hand, Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that they have kept the entrepreneurship issue on the agenda since 2011 and added “Different projects on entrepreneurship every year; We continue to carry out activities aimed at spreading both entrepreneurship and angel investment concepts. Government supports devoted to entrepreneurship have increased in recent years. Entrepreneurship culture should be instilled starting from schools. In many of the activities we do, we, as NGO, gladly take on this task. Such a big event carry out the Turkey leg while also gave pride for our organization, "he said.

AYES Grub School Mentor Izmir American College Mathematics Teacher Ceki Franko also stated that the organization of the Diamond Challenge and similar international competitions in our country contributes to the students being discovery, researcher and questioning individuals. Our students had the opportunity to experience the theoretical knowledge they gained at school and how they can apply it in business life at a young age. They had the opportunity to work in partnership with leaders and companies in their field in order to realize their projects that can be commercialized in the long term ”.

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