Hygiene Studies in Public Transport Vehicles in Elazig

hygiene activities in public transport vehicles in Elazig
hygiene activities in public transport vehicles in Elazig

Elazig Municipality continues its efforts for safe transportation service with the measures taken for the citizens who use public transportation.

Elazig Municipality continues its measures to protect the health of citizens against the epidemic of Corona virus.

Hygiene and disinfection activities are continued at public stations by means of continuing hygiene efforts throughout the city to protect public health.

Within the scope of the studies carried out, anti-bacterial disinfectant gel is used to ensure hand hygiene against the threat of viruses for citizens who use public transportation vehicles, which are subjected to internal-external sterilization process before each time. When citizens get on public transport, they print their boarding cards first and then use the hand sanitizer.

While the Elazig Municipality continues the measures such as a seating arrangement and mask wearing obligation compatible with the social distance implemented in public transportation vehicles for safe travel, it continues its hygiene and disinfection studies without interruption.



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