EGO Regulated Bus Routes for Healthcare Professionals

Arrangement of bus routes for healthcare workers in Ankara
Arrangement of bus routes for healthcare workers in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate went to arrange bus routes so that health workers who struggle with the coronavirus epidemic do not have problems in their transportation to their places of duty. While EGO General Directorate put special service and additional stops on some lines at the request of healthcare workers, it shortened the transportation process to City Hospital by reducing the number of transfers.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality made arrangements on bus routes so that healthcare workers can easily and uninterruptedly go to their workplaces.

EGO General Directorate, which has added additional stops to some lines, has launched a new service that will facilitate the transportation of healthcare professionals to the City Hospital in line with the demands they make directly and through the Başkent 153 line.


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they went to arrange the bus lines in order to bring the health personnel working at an intense pace in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in a short time and said that they reduced the number of transfers made with 3 vehicles to reach the City Hospital.

Stating that they have shortened the process of reaching the hospital where they work, by making special planning for healthcare professionals, Alkaş said:

“We continue to act with healthcare professionals upon the order of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavas. We are trying to fulfill the demands of our healthcare professionals on the Başkent 153 line. Thanks to the new plans we have implemented, we will eliminate the transportation problem of our healthcare professionals. We are ready to do our best for our healthcare professionals to the fullest. ”


EGO General Directorate, which makes arrangements on the 112 line to Kızılay-Ulus-Emniyet Sarayı- Gazi Hospital-AŞTİ and Şehir Hospital, can benefit from the health services that stay in the hotel and guest house located in the vicinity of Armada AVM, from the 112 City Hospital bus that does not stop at every stop. He added the stops in this region to the 112 line.

EGO General Directorate, which has taken action due to intense demands from Karapürçek, Hüseyingazi, Solfasol, Güneşevler, Siteler and Ornek Mahallesi, has added new routes to the 450 numbered EGO bus.

Turkey in front of the Grand National Assembly, which will continue to City Hospital Solfasol through line 450, Gulpinar, Güneşevler, Sites, Ulubey, citizens and health professionals living in the Leader and Representative neighborhood to reach the comforts City Hospital.


Thanks to another planning, the passengers coming from Eryaman, Fatih, Sincan, Yenikent and Etimesgut used to use the City Hospital ring from Koru and Ümitköy Metro Stations, reaching the City Hospital by changing three vehicles.

Thanks to the new arrangement, transfer will be made by two vehicles instead of three, and direct access to the City Hospital will be provided from Koru and Ümitköy Metro Stations.


Until the process of combating the coronavirus outbreak, a special service was started for the healthcare professionals on the route of the Revenue Administration OECD Training Center Guest House and the Yenimahalle Training and Research Hospital.

The service, which was put into practice to solve the transportation problem of healthcare professionals staying at the OECD Training Center Guest House of the Revenue Administration, will depart between 07.30 and 19.30. Private service will depart from Yenimahalle Training and Research Hospital between 08.15 and 20.15.

Another shuttle service will move from GATA for healthcare workers at 07.45 am and will provide transportation to Emine Şerife Girls' Dormitory located on the Hacettepe Beytepe Campus. The same service will move from Emine Şerife Girls' Dormitory to GATA at 20.00.

Health workers will be able to get on the shuttle buses allocated by the EGO General Directorate, free of charge, by showing their corporate identity.

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